Weeding April Announcements!

April just got a whole lot sweeter for weed fans in Philadelphia. We’ve got two big announcements about our incredibly popular game show of sobriety tests, Weeding Out The Stoned! First off, we’re excited to announce the second annual Weeding Out The Stoned: 4/20 Edition! Last year’s 4/20 edition was so popular that we had […]

A Brief Guide To Achieving Purity

  Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve worked tirelessly to craft an easy, workable solution to your purification needs. If you follow all the steps to our routine you will, without a doubt, feel more pure. Before we begin though, we’re going to need you to come to terms with one simple fact. […]

Top 5 Special Without Brett Davis Moments

This Friday at 10 PM, join us for a Philly edition of The Special Without Brett Davis! Brett Davis was killed off on the first episode of The Special, but he returns every week as a new character to host the show. The weekly live public access variety show based in New York is full of sketches, interviews, […]