Top 5 Special Without Brett Davis Moments

This Friday at 10 PM, join us for a Philly edition of The Special Without Brett Davis! Brett Davis was killed off on the first episode of The Special, but he returns every week as a new character to host the show. The weekly live public access variety show based in New York is full of sketches, interviews, and so much chaos.

Check out some of their best clips to prepare you for this insane show:

1. Life is rough when you’re a simple Amish man forced to interview Gilbert Gottfried without having ever watched a movie or TV show.

2. The number of shows Chris Hardwick hosts finally took a toll on him. Watch as he loses his fucking mind on The Special Without Brett Davis.

3. John Gentle shares his “lady moves” with Janeane Garofalo. 

4. Mr. Jokes teaches comedian Aparna Nancherla how to nail her stage presence.

5. Jo Firestone attempts the classic visual gag where someone stands behind her and pretends to be her arms. The only thing is, that guy never shows up.

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