Make “Uh-Oh Spaghettio” Fucking Tougher

We live in a world of whoopsies. What we say when they happen is what defines us. Boo-boos and yowzers are happening every day. Just this morning I spilled my little cup of milk. I let out a good ol’ “uh-oh spaghettio” and I have to tell you – it made me feel like a […]

5 Tweets That Won The Oscars and Just Happen to Be From Me

Last night was all about seeing who of Hollywood’s rich and famous goes home with the gold after months of movie magic and petty politics. Needless to say there were big wins and heartbreaking losses but thanks to social media jokesters, no matter who won or lost, the Internet wins. Lets take a look at […]

I Changed My Tinder Profile to Pictures of Bradley Cooper…

Finding romance has never been easy, but anyone looking for love in our technology-saturated culture will agree that anonymous and fleeting interactions on apps like Tinder have made the people we’re trying to deeply connect with seem…well, shallow. To prove it, I changed my Tinder profile pictures from pictures of me to pictures of Hollywood […]