5 Tweets That Won The Oscars and Just Happen to Be From Me

Last night was all about seeing who of Hollywood’s rich and famous goes home with the gold after months of movie magic and petty politics. Needless to say there were big wins and heartbreaking losses but thanks to social media jokesters, no matter who won or lost, the Internet wins. Lets take a look at some of the best tweets about last night’s Oscars:Karen 1Ok, weird. This is actually one of my tweets. Huh… It must just be an aggregation issue. Anyway, it is kind of funny, I mean, did you see them? I bet those A-lister’s were on all kinds of expensive designer drugs with names like Tiny Dancer or Dance Gasoline. Needless to say, with celebrities at their worst, Twitter was at it’s best:Karen 2Something tells me Mr. Garfield wouldn’t be too happy with that seat filler, lol. Big shout out to Twitter user – actually, Oh… I guess this one was something I tweeted too. Hmm. You know what, I don’t think this one is a mistake. Considering some of the tweets out there, it’s not crazy this is on the list, right? I’m laughing just thinking about the steam pouring out of Andrew’s cute little ears. Even AJ couldn’t stay mad after reading some of the other fire tweets from last night:Karen 3Ok, straight up, I did not put all my own tweets on this list. I don’t know, maybe these really are just the funniest tweets from last night. Is that so nuts? That Karen Bissel, office cut-up, could maybe be recognized for her hard work in making the world laugh? Either way, I’m certainly not the only comedian on twitter.com:Karen 4Ok, straight up, coming totally clean now: I did intentionally choose all my own tweets for this list. But c’mon! These tweets are comedy gold. I don’t understand how people could disagree that these aren’t hands down the best tweets from last night. Sure they each less than 3 favorites and no retweets but I think this article is an opportunity to correct that. It’s time ol’ Karen Bissel gets what’s hers. Move over, Amy Schumer. More like Amy Who-mer! Oh, no Karen, you done done it again!
Karen 5