August Comedy Guide

This month’s artwork by Maddie Mclennon For one night only, these four loyal and nearly underage women from NYC share a soul-stirring bond, and an unimaginable secret. Wonderful News promises a truly unique comedy experience, designed to inspire, enlight, uplift, tighten, downshift, deflate, disorient, terrify, and ultimately, maim its audience. Featuring Ana Fabrega (Portlandia), Lorelei Ramirez (VICE), Patti Harrison (Seriously TV) […]

New Cereal Idea…Mascot is Maybe Some Sort of Bug Man?

I’m an idea man. I never know when lightning is going to strike but when it does, hold onto your dicks and your tits because it’s going to be a good idea most likely. Everyone remembers my idea for a new pasta that’s spherical (about the size of a big softball) called “Norbitini.” And I’m […]

Make “Uh-Oh Spaghettio” Fucking Tougher

We live in a world of whoopsies. What we say when they happen is what defines us. Boo-boos and yowzers are happening every day. Just this morning I spilled my little cup of milk. I let out a good ol’ “uh-oh spaghettio” and I have to tell you – it made me feel like a […]