New Cereal Idea…Mascot is Maybe Some Sort of Bug Man?

I’m an idea man. I never know when lightning is going to strike but when it does, hold onto your dicks and your tits because it’s going to be a good idea most likely. Everyone remembers my idea for a new pasta that’s spherical (about the size of a big softball) called “Norbitini.” And I’m […]

Make “Uh-Oh Spaghettio” Fucking Tougher

We live in a world of whoopsies. What we say when they happen is what defines us. Boo-boos and yowzers are happening every day. Just this morning I spilled my little cup of milk. I let out a good ol’ “uh-oh spaghettio” and I have to tell you – it made me feel like a […]

Five Dollar Comedy Week Starts May 21st!

It’s the fifth ever Five Dollar Comedy Week happening in the fifth month of the year and each show is only five dollars! So many fives, we’re practically a fake phone number in a goshdang TV sitcom. Our popular weeklong festival returns on Sunday, May 21st premiering 30 brand new, original concept shows at Good Good Comedy Theatre! Five Dollar […]