Fishbein, Celley, Grubard & Krick on Good Good’s One Year Anniversary

The one-year anniversary of Good Good Comedy Theatre is coming up this month, and we’re celebrating with a massive clusterfuck of a show this Friday, October 13th at 8:30 PM called Good Good’s One-Year Anniversary Sampler. To help commemorate the occasion, we asked some Good Good showrunners and frequent performers to tell us about all the funniest, weirdest, […]

Q & A: You Had to Be There

Tonight at 8:30 PM, take a break from talking to people on the internet to watch comedians talk to people on the internet at You Had to Be There! The show is in town from Omaha and fresh off appearances at the NerdMelt Showroom in LA and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. Here’s a Q&A we conducted […]

Q & A: Sex with Ecks

Tonight at 10 PM, Robert Ecks premieres his show on the “do’s and do’s of doing it” Sex with Ecks! 1. What is your show? Sex with Ecks is an advice show on America’s favorite pastime, sex. The “take old one eye to the optometrist” as I call it. 2. What makes you qualified to discuss […]