Q & A: You Had to Be There

Tonight at 8:30 PM, take a break from talking to people on the internet to watch comedians talk to people on the internet at You Had to Be There! The show is in town from Omaha and fresh off appearances at the NerdMelt Showroom in LA and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival.
Here’s a Q&A we conducted with host, Ryan De La Garza.
1. What is your show?

You Had to Be There is a live comedy show that features stand up comics and improvisers interacting with random strangers on a webcam chat site. The show is very unpredictable because you never know who you’ll encounter or how the performers will react to them.

2. What do you find so interesting about video chat sites?

I have met so many interesting people with fascinating stories on sites like Omegle and ChatRoulette. Before I turned the concept into a show I would just sit at home drinking wine and meeting new people from around the world on those sites. When I realized how strange and enthralling so many of them were I decided I had to share the interactions with a live audience.

3. How do you react to the numerous naked men you come across?

I honestly thought I’d be used to seeing penises by now, but they always surprise me! I’ve actually had people come up to me after shows and say things like, “It was great, but I was hoping there would be more dicks.” You can’t please everyone.
4. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened on your show?

One of the craziest things was when a comedian from Omaha, John Dahlgren, told a one-liner joke about tombstones and the man on the other end reached down, grabbed a tiny box, and said, “Hey, I whittle miniature coffins!” Dahlgren then told a joke about S&M leather and the guy reached down again to pull out a leather whip. “I’m into sadism too!” It was so weird. But the best part was when the guy on camera picked up his webcam to show the audience where he had put a large hole in his wall after having sex a little too intensely. The hole was butt-shaped.

5. What are some things we can expect to see on this Philly edition?

I can’t say exactly what to expect in Philly because every show is completely different!

You Had To Be There is in Philly for one-night only! Get your $5 Tickets to here to see what crazy shit happens TONIGHT!