Q & A: Comedian Psychoanalysis

Tonight at 8:30, Joe Bell and Michael S. Watkins will return to Good Good Comedy Theatre to host Comedian Psychoanalysis. We sat down with the hosts and picked their brains.

1. Please, please, lay down on this couch. First, tell me about your show.

MICHAEL: Our show delves deep into the mind and the spirit of one of the most f’d up souls imaginable – the stand-up comedian.

JOE: We have stand-up comedians perform, and our resident therapist Katie will analyze their sets. From there, Michael and I work with the patients to help open them up and convince them to quit stand up comedy forever.

2. Hmm, hmm. Interesting, very  interesting. Now, what is the last dream you can remember?

JOE: What even is a dream? I mean, as far as we know, we are living in a dream right now. This could all be a cosmic dream of some being that we can’t even possibly conceive. And honestly, this reality is crazier than any dream I’ve ever had anyway. Like what is even air? Like you can’t even see it, yet we use it to fill party balloons. It’s like, what even is that?

MICHAEL: Or maybe we’re living in a simulation like the Sims and God is a fat 9-year-old who is trying to improve our vacuum skills.

JOE: I would really suggest for you to open up your mind by injesting a small amount of farm grown mushrooms, entering our sensory deprivation tank just to get a taste of what this reality is actually capable of.

3. [Jotting down notes] Which inkblot do you think best describes your show and why?

a.                                                                 b.                                                            c.

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JOE: You’re asking us to choose which of the three cosmic crabs we think best describes our show?

MICHAEL: B. (representative of wisdom) is the first cosmic crab we saw when we took our very first spiritual journey.

JOE: When I first saw the crab, I asked him if he where we were, and he said nothing because he knew that even if I could hear his answer, I wouldn’t be able to comprehend the meaning behind it.

4. What made you decide to create this show? Your id, perhaps?

JOE: As former stand-up comedians, we have a unique perspective on how screwed up these guys are. I mean, they are SO funny, but in order to be that hilarious you also have to be a little bit sick in the head.

MICHAEL: When we quit comedy to work on ourselves, we realized that our bodies are merely vessels, and that our spirits are eternal. Unfortunately, so many lost souls were left in our wake, never knowing what it’s like to smoke DMT and then see geometric shapes and shit. And this show is an effort for us to save these souls, and give them a chance at true happiness (i.e. geometric shapes).

5. Good. And how long have you been subconsciously fixated on phallic objects like the microphone? What other subconscious fixations will we see at your show?

MICHAEL: The conscious and the subconscious are essentially one for us at this point, so that’s a little difficult for us to answer.

JOE: And to be honest, no offense, but if you were to pull back as far as you could go, and somehow step outside the universe we inhabit, and look at it from the outside, it is the shape of a tube or a “phallic object.”  AND a similar funnel shape if you take a look at a black hole.
So basically, the absence of everything, and everything as we know it, both shaped like my uncle’s penis. Really makes you think. Huh?

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