Phone It In Returns This Friday!

Do you spend every waking minute capturing stuff on your iPhone? Your camera roll is filled with clips of the time your cat definitely said “bae” or when your best friend Courtney dabbed as she threw back shots of tequila. Now you can take this footage and win $50 at Phone It In, a monthly film festival of comedy videos shot entirely on phones.

Last Phone It In’s winner was Brendan Krick. Check out Brendan’s short film to see if you have what it takes to win the festival and possibly ruin another favorite childhood movie of mine. (Warning: NSFW)

The video must be under three minutes and shot entirely on a phone. Easy enough, right? Submit by 10 PM the night before the show, invite some friends for the screening and you could even walk away fifty bucks richer. Email submissions to

Or click here to buy tickets for just $5!