Five Dollar Comedy Week Workshops

Saturday, April 7th | 12:00 pm | $5.00

Five Dollar Comedy Week Workshops

12 PM – Avoiding Love – and Loving It!
How good are you at being bad at love? Using quizzes and interviews, this love-avoidance workshop will help you assess and build your under-celebrated skills of walling off, shutting down, and completely abandoning your partners.

1:30 PM – Thirst Trappin’ Instagram Makeover
This workshop provides a comprehensive guide to successful thirst trapping, a personalized visual content strategy for that ass, and a celebrity guest to pose as your new Insta-boo!

3 PM – Going Off The Grid
The stresses of modern society can be a huge burden, and the rat race of day-to-day life can seem so pointless. Join Chris McGrail as he teaches you the essentials of becoming a recluse.

4:30 PM – ASMR Retreat
Using the art of ASMR (Automic Sensory Meridian Response), we will bring your body and mind into a realm of total and complete relaxation with our famous patented sound massage.

Part of Five Dollar Comedy Week (April 1st – 7th)