Post-Fest Press Conference (Five Dollar Comedy Week)

Saturday, April 7th | 11:30 pm | $5.00

Post-Fest Press Conference (Five Dollar Comedy Week)

We’re closing out our sixth-ever Five Dollar Comedy Week festival with our first ever Post-Fest Press Conference. Finally, a chance for YOU to ask questions of and demand answers from all of the week’s showrunners. Tears, excuses and unbridled rage will be in heavy supply.

Ari Fishbein
Maddie McLennon
Gregg Gethard
Dan Vetrano
Joe Bell
Randie Welles
Alejandro Morales
Alex Grubard
Caitlin Feeney
Kyle Harris
Michael S. Watkins
Rose Luardo
Max Barth
Katonya Mosley
Libby Reindl
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Sean Sullivan
Daniel Lewis Cupps
Rachel Peters
Amanda Taylor
Chris McGrail
Geoff Jackson
Shane O’Connor
Zak Krone
Shannon Fahey

Hosted by Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

Part of Five Dollar Comedy Week (April 1st – 7th)