Banford, Cupps, Trav & Abramowitz on Good Good’s One Year Anniversary

Good Good Comedy Theatre is celebrating its one-year anniversary all week, culminating in one massive clusterfuck of a show this Friday, October 13th at 8:30 PM called Good Good’s One-Year Anniversary Sampler. In our penultimate day of coverage, we’ve asked four more Good Good showrunners and frequent performers to tell us about the funniest, weirdest, and dumbest stuff they’ve seen during our […]

Five Dollar Comedy Week Starts May 21st!

It’s the fifth ever Five Dollar Comedy Week happening in the fifth month of the year and each show is only five dollars! So many fives, we’re practically a fake phone number in a goshdang TV sitcom. Our popular weeklong festival returns on Sunday, May 21st premiering 30 brand new, original concept shows at Good Good Comedy Theatre! Five Dollar […]

Last Day To Vote For Good Good!

Today is the LAST DAY to vote for Good Good Comedy Theatre for best Live Theater Venue in’s 2017 Readers’ Choice! If you’ve voted before, you can still vote again. Click here. Since opening last year, we’ve spent damn near every night serving up ferociously independent live comedy in Philly, and we’ve been blown […]