September Comedy Guide

Cover Artwork by Michael Sweater

In Philly from NYC! Experience the debut of the world’s longest joke. The entire show is composed of merely a single joke, consisting of a thirty minute set-up undertaken by one comedy duo followed by a thirty minute punchline handled by a separate duo. Featuring Edy ModicaBrian FiddymentJay Weingarten and Matthew Goldin. Plus an exclusive video from Vic Berger (Super Deluxe) & live music from Half!

NYC’s Sam Taggart is the co-creator of the popular shows Lake Homo High and Live On Broadgay. He recently performed at Comedy Central’s Clusterfest, was named one of Brooklyn’s 50 Funniest Comedians by Brooklyn Magazine and has appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and IFC. In Club Comic, Sam brings a night of bass-thumping, body-shaking, electro-comedy to the stage with a collection of comedic club tracks, stand-up and videos.

Joe Pickett (The Onion) and Nick Prueher (Late Show with David Letterman) from the Found Footage Festival round up newly found VHS clips and welcome other comedians and collectors to show off their hidden video gems. As seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show!

Ana Fabrega is an NYC-based comedian, actress and writer. She stars in, writes and co-executive produces the upcoming HBO series Los Espookys with Fred Armisen and Julio Torres. Ana was a writer and performer on The Chris Gethard Show on TruTV. Her other TV credits include Portlandia, At Home with Amy Sedaris and The Jim Gaffigan Show. Plus opener Amy Zimmer!

Darlings: Kill Us Please is the debut Fringe show from Darlings, a collective of Philadelphia’s most celebrated comedic heartthrobs. We’ve gutted the innards of a full year’s worth of shows at Good Good and only left in the juiciest bits and chunks.

Comedy team Barbara Bush presents a stand-up, sketch, and character variety show from three brains: Jolie Darrow, Julia Hudson and Shawna Stoltzfoos. These brains are pinkish in color, super wrinkly, and full of shit. Directed by Jacquie Baker.

James Acaster is a British stand-up comedian and star of his own acclaimed four-part 2018 Netflix special Repertoire. He has also appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Conan, Drunk History and countless BBC panel shows and sitcoms. James has received a record-breaking 5 consecutive nominations for Best Comedy Show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In addition, he won the Best International Show Award at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

Good Good’s popular, long-running stand-up freak show. Every Friday at 10 PM, marvel at an eclectic mix of comedic wunderkinds from across the country. FREE BEER for all in attendance. This month’s headliners include Guy Montgomery (The Worst Idea of All Time), Brian Parise (Last Week Tonight), Marcia Belsky (Reductress) & MORE!

This is a class on understanding and creating sketch comedy. Throughout the course, you will develop multiple skills related to dissecting and drafting sketches. Each week, you will analyze existing sketches that you watch or read. You will learn techniques for developing, pitching, and fleshing out sketch ideas. You will also consistently create and revise full sketches, and workshop these sketches with Sean Keegan-Landis and classmates.

In this six-week class with Good Good co-founder Aaron Nevins, students will be taken from the pitching phase all the way through the final product – a staging of their own unique live comedy show. You will learn how to structure a comedy show creatively, effectively promote your own individual show, and meet a ton of great new people along the way.