Q&A: Andrew Jeffrey Wright

When anyone in Philly talks about their favorite live comedy moments, it’s almost always something involving Andrew Jeffrey Wright – he’s been somebody’s dad teaching you about sex while breakdancing, a parkour artist slapping Garfield stickers on street signs, a dancing pile of shit, a vaping boss and even a playwright. He melds all of […]

Q&A: Get Work’s Dan Vetrano

Meeting new people isn’t always easy. But for Dan Vetrano, who has been incorporating audience interaction into his stand-up for over ten years, meeting new people during a set is a source of comedic innovation unlike any other. I chose to live in the moment myself by failing to write any questions for my interview […]

Q&A: Brandon Vincent Jackson

Brandon Vincent Jackson teaches English as a Second Language by day and performs stand-up comedy by night. In his upcoming Communication Through Comedy class he’ll help students master their ability to express themselves on stage using the principles of linguistics. Over a phone call one Sunday morning he talked with me, ever so eloquently, about […]