You’re Babysitting Now (FDCW)

Thursday, November 14th | 8:00 pm | $5.00

You're Babysitting Now (FDCW)

Pete Steele is a single dad looking to get out on a Thursday night, and he needs a reliable caregiver to watch his eight rambunctious children. To be quite honest, these kids are driving Pete nuts and he just needs a night off. No background checks, no email correspondence. Just show up, and he’ll hand you the keys.

Pete Steele
Christine Walden
JonBenét TrélurTrash
Christina Anthony
Benny Feldman
Kara Sankus
Quinton Alexander
Liam Paris
…and more!

Hosted by Pete Steele

Part of Five Dollar Comedy Week (November 10th – 16th)