*SOLD OUT* Public Cinema Club presents PILOTS

Friday, March 16th | 10:00 pm | $10.00

*SOLD OUT* Public Cinema Club presents PILOTS

This show is SOLD OUT. There will be a stand-by line at the door starting 15 minutes before showtime.

Pipus & Kendra (Public Cinema Club) won Philly Mag’s Best “Comedians” of Philly in 2017 and now that it’s 2018 they’re back to remind everyone that they are still the best.

These filmmaker, writer, actor savants are suffering from a dire case of writers flow and they have so many ideas that they don’t even know what to do with them. They’ve decided to make a pilot episode for each idea that they have and use each of those ‘first episodes’ together for a series titled Pilots. There will be an infinite amount of episodes but never a second episode. If you couldn’t tell, these boys are going up! So go ahead and hop on for the ride but they don’t have any landing gear so let’s hope this shit works out ok. It is even said that the Federal Air Marshal once recognized Public Cinema Club in his famous quote – “Lock these boys up, they’re too high.”

Come thru to Good Good Comedy Theatre to see exclusive new pilot episodes and skits before these boys pitch ’em to the big Hollywood elite.

Sold Out