November Comedy Guide

Only children play by different rules. Temper tantrums, sound effects, and lots and lots of eye contact. Dave will start the show as an only child, and he will tear through the audience looking for his perfect sibling. He will not share them. Starring Dave Johnson (Berserker Residents). Directed by Bradley Wrenn.

Every Friday night at midnight, a collective of Philadelphia’s most bizarrely fascinating comedic minds brings you a brand new, fast-paced comedy show featuring live music and special guests! Just five bucks a pop and each week’s show is a completely different experience. Not to be missed.

Lizzy Cooperman is an LA-based stand-up comedian who has written for The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim and Not Safe with Nikki Glaser on Comedy Central. She has appeared on CBS’ The Late Late Show, MTV and HBO’s Funny or Die Presents, and currently co-hosts the official Facebook series That Detox Life with Emmy Blotnick. Utilizing a electric keyboard, she punctuates her jokes with deep organ notes and unhinged laughter, bringing a wild joy to her comedy.

The incredible stand-up Chanel Ali returns to Philly to do an hour-long set for the first time ever. Chanel has appeared on Night Train with Wyatt Cenac and has performed as part of the Women in Comedy Festival, the Limestone Comedy Festival and many more.

Join Sarah Knittel, a skin sack filled with comedy, blood and poop, as she builds a dungeon in your nightmares. Performed on an empty stage, Sarah births a demon, murders a virgin, gaslights the entire audience and fucks a vampire. Nightmare Fuel will twist its pulpy tentacles about your throat and drag you to terrifying and hilarious depths. Directed by Bradley Wrenn.

Celebrate the release of Doogie Horner’s new hard-boiled holiday classic, A Die Hard Christmas. The show will include a live dramatic reading of the book, an exploration of the parallels between action films and the Italian Renaissance, special guests and more. After the show, advance signed copies of the book will be on sale in the lobby.

Scrote is the sketch comedy duo of Michael S. Watkins and Joe Bell, two wonderful little men who love to have it their way. “Lil’ Sweeties” is their latest batch of sketches that are sure to make you say “Oh, wait a minute…These two guys are wonderful!” Featuring openers Caitlin Feeney and Shannon Fahey & Rose Luardo.

Andy Blitz is a 9-time Emmy nominated and 5-time WGA Award winning writer and stand-up comedian. He’s known for his now-legendary characters and on-location segments on NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien, as well as writing and executive producing Aziz Ansari’s acclaimed series Master of None. Andy was also a producer and writer on Comedy Central’s Review and Adult Swim’s Eagleheart.