New Classes at Good Good Comedy Theatre

We’re coming up on Good Good Comedy Theatre’s third anniversary and in those three years, we’ve quickly gained local and national recognition for being a hotbed of exciting young talent in comedy. We’ve been asked to put on showcases of our performers for Comedy Central, IFC and more, and many shows developed on our stage are in various stages of development for television and other exciting projects.

It’s incredibly important for us to make sure new performers have a clear point of entry for getting involved at the theater, because we’re always excited to see new talent join our eclectic community of weirdos. However, we also never wanted to be another in a line of improv theater clones with the same basic class model. We value originality and uniqueness and that class structure never seemed to match with our way of doing things. Which brings us to today.

We’re Completely Revamping Classes!

Today, we’re excited to announce a brand new approach to classes here at Good Good. We’re offering many classes never before offered anywhere else in the world – classes that are totally unique to what we do, taught by highly qualified teachers based on their own comedic strengths and backgrounds. These classes are designed to equip students with comedic skills regularly employed on Good Good’s stage in a fun and inclusive environment.

There are no levels – take a class that sounds exciting to you, then take another that’s completely different. We believe strongly in preparing people to be well-rounded comedic performers/writers/producers.

We now offer both 6-week and 3-week classes and 1-day workshops, to make it even easier to get exposed to a little of everything. All that while still being the most affordable comedy classes you will find in Philadelphia, and many even cheaper than before – all our new classes are either $99 or $149.

Between all of this and our open mic, we’re thrilled to have new pipelines to find new, distinct personalities in comedy. And even if you just wanna fuck around and see what comedy’s like, we can’t think of a more fun way to do it.

Diversity Scholarship!

Additionally, we’re proud to offer a Diversity Scholarship which reserves 2 spots in each class to be provided to people of color, LGBTQIA individuals and individuals with disabilities – completely free of charge. For more information on how to apply, follow this link here.

Check out all the good stuff and enroll below!

w/ Ronald Metellus

Learn satire writing techniques used on online comedy publications like The Onion, Reductress, Clickhole and others. These skills will be applied in a mock writers room setting, where you’ll receive private notes and advice on how to improve your humor pieces and prepare them to be submitted for publication. You’ll walk away with several finished pieces, a heightened sense for brainstorming jokes and an improved comedy vocabulary to better articulate what’s funny about your funny idea.

Ronald Metellus is a comedian and writer from Philadelphia. He works as a contributing writer for The Onion. His humor pieces can be read in The New Yorker and Flexx Magazine. His jokes can be heard on NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, where he’s worked as a contributor and writer-in-residence. He co-created Black History Monthly, a black comedy show about friendship, which has been profiled by and staged at comedy festivals nationwide.

Thursdays | 9/19 – 10/24 | 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM | $149

w/ Ethan T. Berlin

In his 10 years of teaching comedy writing, the most common question Emmy-nominated writer Ethan T. Berlin gets is, “How do I get my first job?” In an industry that has no clear point of entry, breaking into TV can be confusing and discouraging. In this 1-day, 6-hour workshop, Ethan will teach you techniques and strategies to help you get jobs and keep them once you have them.

Ethan T. Berlin is an Emmy Award-nominated television comedy writer. His TV credits include Billy On the Street, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, Da Ali G Show and Crank Yankers. He co-created IFC’s comedy game show Bunk and has sold multiple pilots to TV networks. Most recently, Ethan served as head writer and executive producer for TruTV’s Paid Off, which was named as “Noteworthy” by The New York Times. He teaches comedy writing at NYU and SUNY Stonybrook.

Saturday, 2/8  |  12 PM to 6 PM  |  $149

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.50.32 AM

w/ Aaron Nevins

In this class, you’ll be taken from the idea-pitching phase all the way through the final product – a staging of a unique live comedy show. You’ll learn how to structure a comedy show creatively and collaboratively, effectively promote a show and meet a ton of great new people along the way. Students will be broken into two groups and, upon completion of the class, mount two original 30-minute shows on the Good Good Comedy Theatre stage.

Aaron Nevins is the co-founder of Good Good Comedy Theatre and Five Dollar Comedy Week, Philly’s largest independent comedy festival. He created and hosted the long-running interactive talk show Hang On with Aaron Nevins, which was nominated for a Philebrity Award for Best Comedy Act and a Philly Comedy Award for Best Recurring Show. In 2019, he was named one of 38 Philadelphians Shaking Up The City by Philadelphia Magazine.

Tuesdays  |  10/8 – 11/12  |  7:30 PM to 9:30 PM |  $149

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.50.32 AM

w/ Caitlin Feeney

Develop your comedy writing and collaboration skills in a comfortable, encouraging space. We’ll help find your ideal medium, whether it be stand-up, sketch, video, comedic articles or anything in between. You’ll generate new ideas, give and take critiques and explore the variety of forms your writing can take. This class is intended specifically for women and non-binary individuals. Upon completion of the class, each student is given a 5-minute slot to showcase a piece of their own choosing on a live class show.

Caitlin Feeney is a stand-up and sketch comedian from Philadelphia. She is a member of the sketch group Darlings and the writer and producer of Sensitivity Training, an HR-themed comedy show. She has opened for Julio Torres, Conner O’Malley, Johnny Pemberton and Wham City Comedy. She wrote an award-winning period joke for the 2017 Funniest Person in Austin Competition.

Tuesdays | 1/14 – 2/18 | 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM |  $149

w/ Brandon Vincent Jackson

This class focuses on improving your stand-up comedy and other types of comedic performance by strengthening your ability to speak naturally and comfortably on stage. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate improved natural speech in performances and presentations, the ability to edit material through audio recording and playback, and an understanding of how emotion and intention drives natural speech and humor. Class culminates in a live class show at Good Good Comedy Theatre.

Brandon Vincent Jackson is a stand-up comedian known for his absurd and cutting bits that are simultaneously precisely written and conversational. He is a featured performer at Good Good Comedy Theatre, Helium, Punch Line and The Stand in NYC. Brandon has also been a teacher for five years and has a Masters Degree in Teaching English as a 2nd Language.

Sundays  |  10/20 – 11/3  |  2 PM to 4 PM  |  $99

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.50.32 AM

Learn to confidently and comfortably talk to members of an audience during stand-up or any other type of comedic performance. We’ll practice different methods of crowd work, using exercises that focus on being “in the moment” and genuine. We’ll also do improv exercises that will empower you to think, engage and respond in a sensible manner. This class is designed for comedians who are looking to learn a crucial skill or want to sharpen their audience interaction. Class culminates in a live class show at Good Good Comedy Theatre.

Dan Vetrano has been performing stand-up comedy for over a decade. He was the Audience Wrangler for the popular Philly show Hang On with Aaron Nevins, where his role was to field questions and respond to members of the audience. He is a two-time Philly’s Phunniest finalist, a regular at Helium and Punch Line, a member of the sketch group Darlings and the host and producer of Get Work, a monthly show at Good Good.

Mondays  |  10/21 –11/4  |  7:30 PM to 9:30 PM  |  $99

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.50.32 AM


w/ Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Break down the mysterious doors of the unknown. Rip a hole in the wall of the impossible. Take a ride through your brain tubes and accidentally intentionally wander through your experimental waves. Through study, conversation and practice, you will experience and create what somebody somewhere will call “experimental comedy.” Students will perform an original comedic piece at a live class show upon completion of the course.

Andrew Jeffrey Wright is a comedian, award-winning animator and zine maker who is a founding member of Philadelphia’s 22-year-old accidental art collective Space 1026. He studied improv at NYC’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and has had performance and video residences at The Clocktower and The Silent Barn in NYC as well as The Philadelphia Free Library. His art has been included in solo and group exhibitions from Tokyo to Paris. As a performer, he has opened for Lightning Bolt and Fred Armisen and is one half of the experimental comedy duo The New Dreamz and a member of the sketch group Darlings.

Mondays | 2/17 – 3/23 | 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM | $149

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.50.32 AM

w/ Christine Walden
In this six-week class, you will learn the basics of improvised comedy in a fun and supportive space. Students will build their confidence on stage, learn to find and follow the fun and be given the tools to collaborate and create comedic scenes with others. We will also demonstrate how the ideas of improv can become part of a larger performance identity.

Christine Walden is a Philly-based formless void who has been studying and performing improv for the last 5 years. She is currently a member of the long-form improv troupe NYTE Shift. She also co-hosts the monthly, semi-improvised show Dear Goddesses and is a member of the sketch group Darlings – both right here at Good Good. She is the proud parent of 243 bottles of nail polish and deeply impressionable.

Tuesdays | 1/14 – 2/18 | 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM | $149

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.50.32 AM