*SOLD OUT* The Hourlong Joke w/ Jay Weingarten (Adult Swim) & more!

Saturday, September 1st | 8:30 pm | $10.00

*SOLD OUT* The Hourlong Joke w/ Jay Weingarten (Adult Swim) & more!

In Philly from NYC! Experience the debut of the world’s longest joke. The entire show is composed of merely a single joke, consisting of a thirty minute set-up undertaken by one comedy duo followed by a thirty minute punchline handled by a separate duo. It takes an additional hour for the humor to sink in, making it a 2-hour process. We recommend breaking off from the group to be alone and following the PDF, which further details post-show best practices to efficiently metabolize the joke. Oh, and why duos? Duos are capable of creating “long” wavelengths simply unable to be generated by 1 person or 3. Because of this long wavelength, duos operating in this frequency range can diffract humor over obstacles like mountain ranges and travel beyond the horizon, following the contour of the Earth.

Featuring Jay Weingarten, Matthew Goldin, Edy Modica, Brian Fiddyment, live music from Half and an exclusive new video from Vic Berger (Super Deluxe)!

Jay Weingarten and Matthew Goldin are a comedy duo specializing in creepy characters and satire. Jay brings a resume of collaborations with Tim Heidecker (Tim and Eric) and Cole Kush (Dayworld), while Matthew has been a rejectee on ABC Network’s America’s Funniest Home Videos and banned from several major comedy venues in The Los Angeles Basin. But to be perfectly frank, Jay has admittedly had medical emergencies on stage at comedy venues, and Matthew has had medical emergencies alone at home. They have since received thorough and comprehensive treatment in upstate New York at Brylin Behavioral Health System.

Edy Modica and Brian Fiddyment met at a stamp festival in a hotel and used to have sex. They are now a comedy duo that performs aggressively stupid characters like Snake on the Floor or Brian but he’s the Devil because he found a red cape before the show. Their performances make you turn to your partner and say What the Heck am I even watching. They are based in Brooklyn and love to discuss topics. An old boss described Brian as a “waste” and Edy was just fired over the phone for “stealing money.” They have both appeared on The Special Without Brett Davis and had a month-long run of their live naked comedy show BODY at The Annoyance Theater. Brian hired two tan old men to follow him around as his henchmen recently and Edy sold out her one-woman show, My Butt Smell Like Shit.