Forever Bored

Thursday, October 17th | 9:30 pm | $10.00

Forever Bored

Yawn. Wait. What? WOW! What’s all this now?

From the boredest corners of the mind, sparks of teeny tiny fanciful ideas turn into a full blown electric storm of absurdity. With truly fucked up musical numbers that’ll leave you going, “OKAY!” With rowdy, ready-to-fight acts that can only be described as grotesquely charming, infectiously enchanting, and misshapen but alluring. Slosh around in this eclectic pool of song, dance, and theatre questionably designed to make you laugh, cry, and scream all in the name of boredom.

Rose Luardo
Shannon Fahey

Brought to you by the fertile mind of Desirée DaBice

$5 tickets are available for comedians & students by using the discount code STUDENT at checkout.