Five Dollar Comedy Week: Festival Archive

Five Dollar Comedy Week began in August of 2014, premiering over thirty brand new comedy shows and workshops. Since then, the festival has debuted over 170 brand new shows and workshops. FDCW continues to occur semi-annually and led to the creation of Good Good Comedy Theatre, its now-permanent home.

Below is a complete list of all of the past festival lineups, plus each show’s creators and hosts. Take a gander at this fat list of shows.

FDCW #6 (April 1 – 7, 2018)

Poster Art by Maddie McLennon

Sunday 4.1.18

ART GAB – Art Gab explores the pleasures of creation, providing you with an insider perspective on everything arts and culture. Our team of trained art authorities will transform you from a shameful dullard into a cultured expert, careening you into the spotlight of cocktail parties. Remember, art isn’t for everyone. Art is for you.

Created & Hosted by Andrew Shearer

STATE FAIR – Stand-up comedians pitch what makes their home state a prizewinner! Tales of regional antics from around America will compete for the blue ribbon. Uff da!

Created & Hosted by Maddie McLennon

FREEDOM HOUR – We feature FREE SPEECH, we beg for FREE PRESS, and we fight for our RELIGIOUS FREEDOM to do a comedy show on Easter Sunday, the way Jesus once did. EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE with us and help us take our country back. Freedom isn’t free. It’s $5.

Created & Hosted by Ari Fishbein

Monday 4.2.18

TL;DR – Too long; didn’t read. A comedy show hosted by Alex Grubard where comedians present, report, and answer questions on reading material that they have never read.

Created & Hosted by Alex Grubard

NEW FOODZ – Jon DelCollo loves to eat, but the list of foods this adult man has never tried is dumbfounding. Peanut butter? Nope. Jelly? Nah. PB&J? Forget about it. New Foodz is a late-night style talk show complete with monologue, sidekick, musical guest, and panel guests who will bring JDC foods that he will try for the first time.

Created & Hosted by Jon DelCollo & Joe Bell

Tuesday 4.3.18

FOR MY PEOPLE – Contestants speak for their cultures in this clash of stereotypes. For My People pits two marginalized groups against each other, for a chance to confront The White Dudes. This time, it’s a face-off between Latins and non-Latins in The Battle of the Browns.

Created & Hosted by Katonya Mosley

FAMILY LEGACY INFINITY – We break up comedians’ genetic background and chop down their family tree. Prepare to be confronted by the ghosts of past, present, and future.

Created & Hosted by Sean Devaney Sullivan

ZODIAC KILLERS – The only stand-up comedy show based on the 100% true and accurate science of astrology! For perfect astrological alignment all comedians on this stand up show are Scorpios. The strength of the stars is with us. All signs welcome to attend.

Created & Hosted by Max Barth


Wednesday 4.4.18

THE BODY AND YOU – Local comedians and former insecure slobs Zak Krone and Sarah Bell have just discovered the power of BODY POSITIVITY! With the help of friends and experts, Zak and Sarah will #inspire and #motivate YOU to accept YOUR body in all its beauty!

Created & Hosted by Zak Krone & Sarah Bell

THE TUBEYZ – The most influential content creators you’ve never heard of gather to accept awards for their viral video achievements. Featuring a next-level musical introduction from your host, the hottest celebrity presenters, and riveting acceptance speeches. Everyone and their frickin mother is dying to take home a dang Tubey!

Created & Hosted by Daniel Lewis Cupps

PAST BLAST TALKBACK – Some people are born great, but all comedians begin as sweaty, clumsy, talentless hacks. We have somehow convinced these funny people to expose, explore and explain their journey from open-mic nobody to comedic luminary.

Created & Hosted by Geoff Jackson


Thursday 4.5.18

SENIOR PROJECT – Good Good Art University’s Class of 2018 is filled with budding artists who are ready to show the world that they DEFINITELY know what they’re doing! Come see all the really real things these art students paid thousands of dollars to learn how to do.

Created & Hosted by Shannon Fahey

GROSSLESQUE – A garbage truck full of the weirdest most experimental and unsettling burlesque performances hosted by a Trash Qween Raccoon.

Created & Hosted by Libby Reindell


Friday 4.6.18

CARBON COUNTY BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE – Carbon County, Pennsylvania is a hardscrabble community defined by depopulation, deindustrialization and general idiocy. This special roundtable discussion led by Carbon County’s business leaders will discuss the many, many issues of the region.

Created & Hosted by Gregg Gethard

FRENEMIES – Dan Vetrano and Alejandro Morales host a brutally fun showdown of cliques that drag each other with kindness. Best friends will dish out backhanded compliments, crack open old wounds, and bring the shade. Friendship shouldn’t be a competition but frenemies play for keeps.

Created & Hosted by Dan Vetrano & Alejandro Morales

PRESTIGE DRAMA – One man is pushed to the edge in a story of murder, betrayal, sex, and drugs…you know, just like on those basic cable dramas like Breaking Bad or Mad Men.

Created by Joe Bell & Michael S. Watkins

HECKLER DESTROYS COMEDIAN – Six of the area’s best comedians become their own worst nightmares as they take turns heckling each other. Watch as they fight it out and help decide who gets to move on and who gets destroyed.

Created by Cassandra Dee

Hosted by Cassandra Dee & Christian Mangual

Saturday 4.7.18

SET-UP – Set-Up is the dating game show where single non-comedians blindly choose a comedian to go on a date with based on their jokes alone. Come on out and see if it will be love at first laugh!

Created & Hosted by Shane O’Connor

JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY – They say a news story should be like a mini skirt on a pretty woman. Long enough to cover the subject but short enough to be interesting. And this woman…is wearing pants. Join us at 8:30 for an episode of Journalistic Integrity, the news source that is too serious to be interesting.

Created & Hosted by Caitlin Feeney

PIZZA, SODA & CHIPS – A comedy variety show where the audience gets to enjoy pizza, soda and chips! We’ll bring the comedy and the pizza and the soda and the chips! All you have to bring is you!

Created & Hosted by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

POST-FEST PRESS CONFERENCE – We’re closing out our sixth-ever Five Dollar Comedy Week festival with our first ever Post-Fest Press Conference. Finally, a chance for YOU to ask questions of and demand answers from all of the week’s showrunners. Tears, excuses and unbridled rage will be in heavy supply.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

FDCW #5 (May 21 – 27, 2017)

Poster Art by Whitney Harris

Sunday 5.21.17

ARTS & CRAFTS MARKET (workshop) – Oh boy! It’s the happiest time of the year – the annual arts & crafts market. Need a new serving plate for Sunday’s church picnic? Maybe a neat wooden flute for Uncle Peppy? How about a journal with a refurbished antique book cover? Pretend like you’re rewriting Tom Sawyer! Support your neighbors by purchasing a seashell necklace or ashtray! Remember, you don’t need to be artistic to show off a winning smile!

Created & Hosted by Sad Boys Rugby Club

INNERVIEWS – Host Pete Steele asks guest to close their outer eyes, and open their inner eyes, as he guides them on fictional journeys full of questions and decisions designed to plumb their emotional depths. “You walk down a busy city street, enter a theater, take a seat, and are amazed at what you see. What show are you watching?” Innerviews.

Created & Hosted by Pete Steele

COMEDY ACCOMPANIED – Stand-up comedy and jazz – the two truly American art forms that people claim to enjoy but watch Netflix instead of attending. Now you can see them both at once!

Created & Hosted by Brendan Krick

HAIKU DEATHMATCH – The most high-stakes poetry slam in human history. A brutal contest of seventeen syllables. Twelve poets enter, doing battle word to word. Victory or Death!

Created by Geoff Jackson

Hosted by Geoff Jackson & Annie Paradis


Monday 5.22.17

TEEN BEAT – Host Kate Banford is up on all the memes, trends, and snapchat filters for this teen-centric talk show. Finally a comedy show for teens, by teens, hosted by an adult woman.

Created & Hosted by Kate Banford

SADULOUS! – Depressed? Flaunt it. Alejandro hasn’t gotten off his couch in days, and his friends are worried — that they’re missing out! Join in the delightful pointlessness of it all in a show about living your best worst life.

Created by Alejandro Morales

PARANOID STYLE – Move over, Alex Jones! There’s a new conspiracy theorist in town. Join the cast of America’s favorite radio show, TruthStorm, as they expose the heart of darkness at the center of government…and in your local sandwich shop.

Created & Hosted by Emma Needleman


Tuesday 5.23.17

DEFINITELY FAMOUS – Ever rubbed elbows with a Jonas Brother on an elevator? Made inappropriate gestures in the background of a live news broadcast? You’ve got nothing on the true stories of our comedian guests and their real-life brushes with fame.

Created by Kate Banford & Aaron Nevins

Hosted by Michael Kelly

NEXT WEEK – The weekly current events game show where all the points are awarded one full week later. We challenge comedian contestants to use the headlines of today to predict the headlines of tomorrow, then check in next week to see how right they were.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins

FEUD! – The game show that puts unpopular opinions in the spotlight. Team leaders Lemaire Lee and Amanda Taylor enlist comedians to argue for their most controversial opinions. The team who earns the most laughs wins!

Created & Hosted by Amanda Taylor & LeMaire Lee


Wednesday 5.24.17

CORPORATE RETREAT (workshop) – A tropical workshop of revolutionary twists on classic team-building exercises! Participate in cutting-edge experimental techniques. To learn more, join us for this spiritual journey of synergy and discovery!

Created & Hosted by Benny Feldman & Dan Connelly

WORD IN EDGEWISE – A stand-up comedian performs a set. Then they leave the room, and that’s when the audience gets to have their say. Host Alex Grubard leads the discussion and brings the comic back on stage to deliver the crowd’s anonymous notes on their material. It’s the one safe space to criticize stand-up comedy!

Created & Hosted by Alex Grubard

MAGIC MIC – Come one! Come all! Philly’s hottest magicians come together in the first EVER showcase for magicians! Watch as they attempt real, live magic right before your very eyes. Who knows? The next Penn AND/OR Teller might be in this line-up of talent.

Created & Hosted by Emily Kinslow

ZERO HOUR: THE PANIC SHOW – Join host Jon Plester in a torrent of terror and anxiety as he attempts to write, produce, and book an entire show only 24 hours before it’s supposed to premiere! What can you expect? Characters, musical guests, local celebrities, trapeze artists, prized hogs? Only a very short amount of time will tell.

Created & Hosted by Jon Plester


Thursday 5.25.17

CRAFTING AFTER DARK (BEFORE DARK) (workshop) – It’s Crafting After Dark (Before Dark). It’s a little sexy. And a little spooky. There’s definitely crafting.

Created & Hosted by Julia Celley

THE NEW DREAMZ FITNESS SHOW – Are you in shape? What shape is it? We don’t care. Watch The New Dreamz sweat. Watch the sweat turn to steam. Watch the steam arm wrestle a ghost. The New Dreamz Fitness Show.

Created & Hosted by Andrew Jeffrey Wright & Rose Luardo

THE BIT SHOW – 15 brand new comedy shows crammed into 60 minutes. All for $5. That’s like 31 cents per show. As the show goes on, the shows within it get shorter and shorter. Bit Show! Bit Show! Bit Show!

Created & Hosted by Kate Banford & Aaron Nevins

SENSE-LESS – A group of talented stand-up comedians attempt to perform a set amid distractions, obstacles, and audience games. Without being able to use all of their senses, can they overcome?

Created by Chanel Ali

Hosted by Chanel Ali & Alex Pearlman


Friday 5.26.17

MASTER MIXOLOGY (workshop) – Mix and shake your life up with master mixologist Jon Lalu. Learn the true craft of cocktails and become one with your spirit.

Created & Hosted by Jon Lalu

LYFTED – An evening of stories from our city’s favorite Lyft drivers. They’ll take you on a ride, without even opening your car-share app.

Created & Hosted by Hillary Rea

HIDDEN CAM – Hosts Matthew Schmid and Jacquie Baker present a night of pranks, hidden camera gags, and live stunts.

Created & Hosted by Jacquie Baker & Matt Schmid

COUNTDOWN UR MUSIC SHOW: 24/7  – Live from Time Square, it’s the countdown of the hottest music videos in the country. We’re bringing you spankin’ original music, poppin’ interviews with your favorite artists and some FRESH AF surprises.

Created & Hosted by Joe Bell

TRAGEDY + TIME – A show that attempts to answer the questions “Does Comedy = Tragedy + Time?” by forcing comedians to alchemize short lectures on some of the most tragic events in history into comedic gold. Educational, emotional, and hopefully funny (if our math checks out).

Created & Hosted by Matt Aukamp

Saturday 5.27.17

FINDING YOUR FETISH (workshop) – Why so sad? Are you living a kink-free life? Let The New Dreamz find your fetish! Is it in a shoe? Is it in a whisper? Everybody has a thing that is their thing. We will find it and ride it to the moon!

Created & Hosted by Rose Luardo & Andrew Jeffrey Wright

ONE MINUTE MONOLOGUES – 60 comedians. 60 monologues. 60 minutes. World record comedy at a dollar store price!

Created by Jacquie Baker, Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

Hosted by Jacquie Baker

SONGTALKERS – World famous singer-songwriters reveal intimate details about their biggest hits, then perform those hits.

Created by Michael S. Watkins & Drew Castellano

Hosted by Pete Steele

PERFORMANCE REVIEW – As the fifth-ever Five Dollar Comedy Week comes to a close, festival founders Kate Banford and Aaron Nevins sit each show-runner down to deliver their routine performance reviews.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

FDCW #4 (November 13 – 19, 2016)

Poster Art by Libby Reindell

Sunday 11.13.16

GOING VIRAL (workshop) – Virality is the single most sought-after trait in 2016, narrowly beating out Intelligence and Health. Learn the craft only some of America’s greatest minds and most of America’s least great minds have mastered. Taught by viral sensation Aaron Nevins, who once had three lines in a video with 2,438,313 views.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins

RECORD BREAKERS – Watch in awe as local comedians endeavor to be immortalized by attempting to break a variety of bizarre, rigorous world records.

Created & Hosted by Dan Vetrano & Chris McGrail

NERD BRAWL – A game show in which comic contestants prove that their own passion can beat up others’ passions. Host Sean Keegan-Landis guides the comedians through a variety of absurd, specialized tasks to determine whose personal obsession burns brightest.

Created & Hosted by Sean Keegan-Landis

SCHOOL PLAY – Hello, parents and guardians! It’s that time of year again, where your precious snowflakes put down their participation trophies and put ON a show. Let our elementary school students edutain you with edifying skits and songs about real historical events.

Created by Alejandro Morales


Monday 11.14.16

MAKE MY CHILD LAUGH – Ten comedians compete to get the biggest laughs out of four-year-old Tenny Frances Platt. Winner gets stickers!

Created & Hosted by Michelle Biloon

SCHEMER – Love on the rocks? Crappy job? Just generally stuck in a bad situation? Turn to Master Schemer Ryan T. Barlow, who will develop a crackerjack plan for you in front of a live audience that is certain to extricate you from your current predicament. Ryan’s panel of experts will also be on hand to ensure that Ryan’s ideas are legally, medically, and ethically sound.

Created & Hosted by Ryan T. Barlow

FREE RADIO PHILADELPHIA – Late night talk radio at its finest. Tune in to hear about the issues of the day, celebrity guests and surprises galore!

Created & Hosted by Drew Castellano


Tuesday 11.15.16

ANGER ENCOURAGEMENT (workshop) – Anger is a strong and difficult emotion to express. Our therapists are trained to ease the hostility out of you until you pop that blood vessel in your neck, scream your guts out and punch through a wall. Hide your vulnerability. Get angry.

Created by Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

Hosted by Ryan Shaner

GREY GARDENS VARIETY HOUR – Kristin Finger and Alli Soowal are a powerhouse comedy duo who are destined to grow old together with many cats and British men. Come see their Variety Hour featuring sketch, stand-up, improv and crafts!

Created & Hosted by Kristin Finger & Alli Soowal

TODAY I LEARNED – Each week, two comedians go out in the world and share a profound life experience. Then they head directly over to this show to tell you about it – all on the same day. After that, the torch is passed to two other comedians and YOU get to help decide what they do next week.

Created by Aaron Nevins

MEMENT-SHOW – Mement-Show is a late night talk show that happens in reverse chronological order. Like a cross between the movie Memento and the Tonight Show. But with MORE murder and MORE lip-sync battles.

Created & Hosted by Ari Fishbein


Wednesday 11.16.16

MURDERING YOUR MURDER MYSTERY DINNER THEATER (workshop) – We’ve all been there. Guests leaving our themed parties disappointed at not having the maximum amount of murder mysteries solved. Join Murder Mystery expert Frank Farrell as he walks you through the 39 steps needed for every themed dinner event to be an absolute scream!

Created & Hosted by Frank Farrell

YOUR COLLEGE ORIENTATION – NPSU wants to Welcome the Class of 20☐☐. Your beloved RA’s and Faculty can’t wait to kick off the new school year, but first want to prepare you for what your first year of college will look like, and we have fun student-written skits to get you there!

Created by Jack O’Keeffe

EXTREME WRESTLING SMACKSPLOSION – The drama, the intrigue, the backstage antics, the showdowns, the rivalries – all of the excitement of a televised wrestling block, without all that boring wrestling.

Created by Joe Bell, Michael S. Watkins, John Deary, Jon Lalu & Brandon T. Gorin

Hosted by Michael S. Watkins & Joe Bell

YOU LOOK TERRIBLE – You’ll love the way you look…whether you like it or not! Your charming hosts Guy Love (acclaimed stylist) and Lana Lexington (notorious model) will take you by the hand, jerk you into the closet, then send you off into the world with a brand new look you can’t say no to!

Created by Molly Hanulec

Hosted by Molly Hanulec & Stephen Quick


Thursday 11.17.16

MANIACAL SCIENCE (workshop) – One part hypothesis, two parts theory, and a beaker’s worth of madness! Mad Scientist Alex Grubard and his insane cast of robots, abomination creations, and secret agents teach the child in all of us how to conduct crazy-cool experiments.

Created & Hosted by Alex Grubard

THE REJECTED NOTEBOOK – As artists, we tend to show our best work. But what happens to all those bad ideas? The Rejected Notebook showcases ideas that didn’t make the cut. Was it too offensive? Too weird? Or was it just a dumb fucking idea? Let’s open up The Rejected Notebook and find out.

Created & Hosted by Sam Ike

EXHAUSTION – A game show from another world, that challenges opposing teams to solve puzzles, answer rapid-fire trivia, perform grueling challenges, and face punishments with both physical and emotional consequences. Watch contestants get pushed to their limits!

Created & Hosted by Amanda Taylor & Rachel Peters

¡ABSTRACTO! – A jarring hour of absurdist comedy. Art. Video. Comedy. Insanity. You want this. You just don’t know it yet.

Created & Hosted by Kate Banford


Friday 11.18.16

JON & IAN PREP YOUR FOR THE BIG CORPORATE INTERVIEW (workshop) – Business! Taxes! Embezzling! Civil suits! Business suits! Jon and Ian spent 8 months embedded in corporate America and are ready to share every tip, skill, and dirty trick you need to get on the right side of the wealth gap.

Created & Hosted by Jon Plester & Ian Fletcher

LOCAL HUMOR – There are plenty of talk shows on television, but they’re all missing one thing: a complete universal focus on the city of Philadelphia. Everything from 1776 to I-76 is covered in this classic talk show hosted by Alex Grubard where each monologue joke, desk piece, and guest are straight outta the City of Brotherly Love.

Created & Hosted by Alex Grubard

THE BIT SHOW – 15 brand new comedy shows crammed into 60 minutes. All for $5. That’s like 31 cents per show. As the show goes on, the shows within it get shorter and shorter. Bit Show! Bit Show! Bit Show!

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

THE TINDER SHOW – A comedy panel show about the wonderful world of online dating. Swipe right and go on a quintuple date with your hosts and three of Philly’s funniest comics.

Created & Hosted by Max Barth & Eddie Finn

DON’T DIE A COWARD – Mike Rainey and Tim Butterly prepare you for your own well-attended, exciting funeral with Don’t Die a Coward. You’ll hear tips for living and dying in a way that won’t leave your peers questioning whether you spent your entire life as a fat dumb pussy.

Created & Hosted by Tim Butterly & Mike Rainey

Saturday 11.19.16

PURITY RETREAT (workshop) – So, you want to get pure? Our patented purification routine promises to make amends and cleanse you of all past transgressions. These rituals are so powerful, they can even get out hard-to-reach spots, deep dark secrets, and unforgivable acts! Gone. Like it never even happened. Come on, give it a shot. Learn to let that little light of yours shine.

Created by Teddy Hanson

Hosted by Teddy Hanson & Erin Dohony

STORYHOUR WITH RITA BOOK – The goose is loose. Mother Goose, that is! Join local librarian Rita Book & friends as they serve up a hot sludge of brand new, never-heard-of stories for small children & large adults alike.

Created by Caitlin Feeney & Aaron Nevins

Hosted by Caitlin Feeney

ONE MINUTE MONOLOGUES – 60 comedians. 60 monologues. 60 minutes. World record comedy at a dollar store price!

Created by Jacquie Baker, Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

Hosted by Jacquie Baker

PICKUP ARTISTS – World-renowned men’s social coaches Xclusive and Appeal bring their highly influential training to Philadelphia for one night only! Learn how to be the man everyone either wants to be or wants to sex. The cost of this seminar is one four-hundredth of what it would normally cost. You’d have to be a crazy b*tch to miss out!

Created & Hosted by Michael S. Watkins & Pete Steele

FDCW 30 YEAR REUNION SPECIAL  – What ever happened to the gang from the 2016 Five Dollar Comedy Week? Catch up with them all on this very special reunion event to commemorate the 30-year anniversary. It took some massive paychecks, green screens, and legally questionable bribes but we did it! Come see what everyone’s been up to over the past three decades.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

FDCW #3 (July 20 – 26, 2015)

Poster Art by Ryan Shaner

Monday 7.20.15

I’M IN YOUR SKETCH – Michael S. Watkins is a stand-up comedian. He wants to be a sketch comedian but nobody will let him in their sketch groups. This is his chance to showcase his great characters by wandering out in the middle of other people’s sketches.

Created & Hosted by Michael S. Watkins

TALKMASTERS – Become a confident public speecher and strong leader today! Talkmaster Kate Banford takes one lucky audience and turns them into pros. You’ll leave this show ready to make talk at your wedding, funeral and nationally televised appearance using her patented speak-making formula.

Created & Hosted by Kate Banford

BURN IT DOWN – An elegant roast that features some of the best ball-busting, cutthroat assholes Philadelphia has to offer! Throughout the course of the show, we will mercilessly rip into celebrities, subcultures, and even your ex.

Created by Lou Misiano & Sidney Gantt

Hosted by Lou Misiano


Tuesday 7.21.15

GHOST HUNTING (workshop) – Everyone knows the Plays & Players Theater is haunted as F. Using a variety of tools and methods, Aaron Nevins will take you on the ghost-hunting expedition of a lifetime. You will see a ghost GUARANTEED or 10% of your money back.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins

AS SEEN ON TV – Don’t you hate it when you can’t find safe, reliable, and affordable products in a store? Why not try ordering from television? As Seen On TV aims to desparately sell ridiculous products to the masses or die trying.

Created by Quinton Alexander

UR MOM IS FUNNY – You love your mom. But is she funny, though? Come watch three hilarious comedians prove that they can team up with their moms to get the most laughs!

Created by Hannah Trav

Hosted by Hannah Trav & Pete Steele

GENERATIONS – 124 years of combined experience! Phyllis Voren and Rose Luardo, both clinically depressed women-about-town, have answers for everything. Topics include drug-use and abuse, evading the law, sexual exploits from the ’60s and ’90s, home remedies, plus all personal style questions! You got the question. We got the answer!

Created & Hosted by Rose Luardo & Phyllis Voren


Wednesday 7.22.15

LET’S START A CULT (workshop) – Admiration, wealth, a place in history…did you know that there’s a quick and easy way to get all of these things? Forming a cult has never been more possible or profitable. Come for the business opportunity, stay because you have to!

Created & Hosted by Ari Fishbein

BUZZWORTHABLE – Clickbait comedy! Comedians go head-to-head with cleverly crafted headlines. You vote on which headline you want to click. Click wisely – behind each headline is something you may never get the chance to see again.

Created by Kate Banford & Aaron Nevins

Hosted by Joe Moore

THE LOVE SHOW – Jacquie Baker and Matt Schmid host an earnest exploration of the topic of love through guest performances, storytelling and interviews.

Created & Hosted by Jacquie Baker & Matt Schmid

THE SHIT & PISS SHOW – Do you like having fun? Do you love the theatre? Then this show is for you! Jokes! Dancing! Cinema! Games! And more! All hosted by a human pile of shit and a human puddle of piss. It’s gonna be a 5 diaper night!

Created by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Hosted by Andrew Jeffrey Wright & Michael S. Watkins


Thursday 7.23.15

MAKEUP TIPS (workshop) – While “Beauty” is on the inside, “Hotness” can be created through manipulation of the top outer layer of the human body using Makeup. In this workshop (for men AND women), we unleash your hotness with the modern tricks found in the deep recesses of your morning routine. We cover the essentials such as: What is a face? Where do I put that? Can my eyebrows be that thick? Do I want them to be that thick? What is the right thickness for eyebrows these days? Why do we even have eyebrows? And other topics.

Created & Hosted by Kate Banford

WEEDING OUT THE STONED – Two dozen comedians enter. All but one of them are stoned. It’s up to all of us to find the sober individual so the entire audience can win prizes! Officer Alex Grubard administers field sobriety tests, takes audience testimony, and asks trivia questions of Philly’s premier drug-induced comics as we all seek justice by weeding out the stoned. Be part of the witch hunt!

Created & Hosted by Alex Grubard

TELL, DON’T SHOW – Screenwriting legends Frank Farrell, Jamie Glasheen, Sam Scavuzzo and a special guest share the first table read of their new Hollywood flop. They’ve put in hours of effort in the last 30 days to churn out a real disaster of a screenplay, and this is the world premiere.

Created by Sam Scavuzzo, Frank Farrell & Jamie Glasheen

Hosted by Sean Keegan-Landis

BLACK MASS – Jon, Charles, and James try to summon the Devil. They’ve never done this before, but they have done some research and are willing to try any and all methods to get Lucifer in the building.

Created & Hosted by Charles Blyzniuk, Jon Lalu & James Mascuilli


Friday 7.24.15

IMAGINARY FRIENDSHIP (workshop) – Tired of playing alone? Then play along with fun gurus Drew and Robert in a magical journey with all the friends you’ve always wanted to have. Believe it or not, everyone has a special friend, and now you can too!

Created & Hosted by Drew Garrison & Robert Ecks

TOY TESTING – Toys! Remember them? No? Well, we’re here to remind you, old-timer. Come be a kid again.

Created by Jolie Darrow & Goldy

AMOK TRIAL – Disorder in the court! Real people try real cases in a courtroom where just about everyone is a comedian, and you’re on jury duty. Overruled!

Created by Alejandro Morales

Hosted by Alex Pearlman

THE BIT SHOW – The acclaimed clusterfuck is back by popular demand! 15 brand new shows, crammed into one show. As the show goes on, the shows get shorter. Don’t miss it.

Created & Hosted by Kate Banford & Aaron Nevins

PUPPETS ‘N’ PORN – Watch puppets. Watch porn. Watch puppets watch porn.

Created by Matt Schmid

Saturday 7.25.15

PAINTING WITH A LOAD ON (workshop) – An obnoxiously inebriated twist on the yuppie phenomenon “Painting with a Twist.” All attendees must provide their own smock/painting clothes, designated driver and bail money (if applicable).

Created & Hosted by Christian Alsis

THE SILENT SHOW – A completely silent variety show. No words allowed. Just like that movie The Artist.

Created & Hosted by Dan Vetrano & Chris McGrail

CRAIGSLISTIN’ – We’re bringing Craigslist to life! Real people from every section of the infamous classifieds site take the stage, and we get to the bottom of what their deal is.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins

AFTERSCHOOL SPECIAL – Drugs. Alcohol. Premarital desires. Saying no to peer pressure sure can be tough, even when you are the coolest senior at Jefferson High. Joined by a squad of ultra dope teens, we present a series of motivational skits, guest speakers, musical performances, and methods of staying cool under pressure.

Created & Hosted by Joe Bell

THE TINDER SHOW – A comedy panel show about the wonderful world of online dating. Swipe right and go on a quintuple date with your hosts and three of Philly’s funniest comics.

Created & Hosted by Max Barth & Eddie Finn

Sunday 7.26.15

HOW TO BE BAD AT DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (workshop) – Ever wanted to play D&D? Ever wanted to completely ruin a game of D&D? This workshop is a comprehensive crash course on how to do one of those things like an expert!

Created & Hosted by Matt Aukamp

AIR BAND – A showcase of choreographed, lip-synced acts that twist the meaning of a popular song for the purpose of being funny and shit. This is an appropriation of an elitist sorority event that is held all over the country with Broadway-style productions, but we don’t have a sorority budget, so…

Created & Hosted by Brandon Jackson

ONE MINUTE MONOLOGUES – 60 minutes. 60 original monologues. 60 performers. Seriously, do not miss this show.

Created by Jacquie Baker, Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

Hosted by Jacquie Baker

MAKE A WISH – All of our friends are dying. Please join us as we fulfill their final dying wishes, one at a time.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

FDCW #2 (March 23 – 29, 2015)

Poster Art by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Monday 3.23.15

ACTION ART – Swish! Splat! Splorsh! Action Art! Enjoy an evening with Action Painter Arlo Gargano as he goes beyond the canvas! Music, art and dance collide right before your eyes! This ain’t your grandmother’s action art!

Created & Hosted by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

COMEDIAN PSYCHOANALYSIS – Joe Bell and Michael S. Watkins take an in-depth look inside the mind of the stand-up comedian. Joined on stage by a real psychological professional, they present a series of “case studies” who will perform a set and get analyzed based purely on their material.

Created & Hosted by Joe Bell & Michael S. Watkins

PITCH BUCKET – Comedians pitch new products and bizarre business ideas to a panel of Philly’s most elite entrepreneurs, with REAL (small amounts of) money at stake. Featuring a special guest panel of real local business owners.

Created & Hosted by Chris O’Connor


Tuesday 3.24.15

HISTORY OF STAND-UP (workshop) – Take this course, complete with syllabus and exam, and learn about the history of stand-up comedy through the ages from Professor Alex Grubard of Temple University.

Created & Hosted by Alex Grubard

ALWAYS BE CLOSING – Sometimes, even with all the signs there, we still misstep on closing with a potential sexual partner. Always Be Closing will feature comics sharing their stories of those missteps, while a panel breaks down what they did wrong.

Created & Hosted by Brian Finnell

IT’S MY FIRST TIME – Random audience members are interviewed – people who have never performed comedy before. Then writers will help them turn that interview into a stand-up comedy set which the audience members will perform live that very night!

Created by Doogie Horner

Hosted by Chip Chantry

THE BIT SHOW – 16 mini-shows in 90 minutes! As the show goes on, the shows get shorter. You do not want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see shows that may never exist again.

Created & Hosted by Kate Banford & Aaron Nevins


Wednesday 3.25.15

DONUT TASTING (workshop) – Join us as we embark on a journey of flavor and discovery around the hole. Aaron Nevins is your personal dommelier and guide. Learn the proper way to appreciate the flavors and merits of a flight of fresh donuts. You may also bring your own donuts to have them scored by the master.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins

SCRIPTED OR NAW – People gonna do bits. You guess whether we improvised the bit or wrote and rehearsed it. Fair warning: If you guess wrong too much, you might get kicked out.

Created & Hosted by Becca Trabin

THE PLANT – Everyone is a contestant on this cutting edge reality show! Do you think you and your fellow audience members can sniff out the plant among you, sabotaging your chance to win money? Sharpen your intuition and keep your eyes open for…The Plant!

Created by Aaron Nevins, Kate Banford, Pete Steele & Robert Ecks

Hosted by Pete Steele

CARTOON MONSOON – New York comedians and animation aficionados Mary Houlihan and Joe Rumrill host a screening of classic cartoons and new cartoons created by emerging animators and artists. Featuring world-premiere toons and stand-up comedy.

Created & Hosted by Mary Houlihan & Joe Rumrill


Thursday 3.26.15

UNLOCK YOUR SUPERPOWER (workshop) – In this workshop, people will learn to unlock the superpowers hidden inside them… or die trying! Explore a multitude of possible superpowers, discover your own, and learn how you can use it to fight crime, or just in your everyday life – all under the careful tutelage of an uncertified superhero expert.

Created & Hosted by Matt Aukamp

ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION – All the fun of an entire election season, crammed together in one half-hour. See the campaigns, the endorsements, the debates, the advertising, the mocking, and of course, the VOTING. Be a part of history!

Created & Hosted by Alex Grubard

EAT YOUR BEATS – If music be the food of love, play on, playa. Hip hop flavor and hot tongue are on the menu in this rap-battle-infused comedy jawn, as joke chefs from all over Philly compete for belly laughs.

Created by Alejandro Morales

Hosted by Setoiyo

THE AUDITION – An open casting call featuring some of Philadelphia’s finest acting talent, big-time Hollywood casting directors, and an audience full of aspiring actors. Some of Philly’s best comedic talent, along with members of the audience, take part in staged readings of fake plays and commercials to see who gets the part.

Created & Hosted by Dan Corkery


Friday 3.27.15

HOW TO WRITE A SONG (workshop) – Most people assume they don’t have what it takes to write a song, but don’t realize they can write a song about literally anything. The Swaymus Brothers will show that everyone has a song in them, whether it’s about love, loss, or the feeling you get right before you sneeze.

Created & Hosted by Tim Raymus & Michael S. Watkins

ときどきテレビの時間 (TOKI DOKI TV TIME) – Big Japanese Television Party! Super Advertisement Commercial Game!

Created & Hosted by Libby Reindell & Tommy Touhill

LET’S TALK TO CHILDREN – It’s a panel comedy show, except we’ve replaced all the dumb adults with smart kids. You’re welcome.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins

ASTROMEDY – The stars will align when psychics, palms readers, astrologists and local comedians collide, taking the stage to practice their ancient crafts. Plus, have your astrological chart read by a guy who’s really into that stuff, and much more!

Created by Aaron Nevins, Kate Banford, Dan Vetrano, Chris McGrail & Onat Negiz

Hosted by Dan Vetrano & Chris McGrail

FUND-A-THON – A good ol’ fashioned telethon is held to raise money for a randomly selected Indiegogo campaign. It only gets weirder from there.

Created & Hosted by Matt Schmid

Saturday 3.28.15

COLD YOGA / CHILLATES (workshop) – Join self-acclaimed yogi Condra Barry-White for a physical and emotional journey into the coldest caverns of your soul. This workshop includes meditation, visualization, and refrigeration. Bring a yoga mat and your cold, cold heart.

Created & Hosted by Jacquie Baker

JUST DANCE – Dance and movement take centerstage as comedians hang up their laugh hats and express themselves the way they’ve always wanted to – through gyrations and excessive arm spinning set to contemporary hits.

Created by Caitlin Weigel

RASHOMON – “What happens when four people experience the same life event?” – You. Four storytellers recount the same story from differing points of view.

Created & Hosted by Hillary Rea

THE TINDER SHOW – A comedy panel show about the wonderful world of online dating. Swipe right and go on a quintuple date with your hosts and three of Philly’s funniest comics.

Created & Hosted by Max Barth & Eddie Finn

HASHTAG GAME – Bring your smartphone to Hashtag Game, where the panel of comedians aren’t the contestants but the judges, and YOU, the entire audience, are the contestants writing the funniest tweets for prizes.

Created by Garrett Smith

Hosted by Garrett Smith & Pete Steele

Sunday 3.29.15

MEAT & GREET (workshop) – Meet lovers and meat lovers here at the singles Meat and Greet, where you can mix and mingle with other Philadelphia singles over a fresh spread of classic meats.

Created & Hosted by Caitlin Feeney & Elise Thomson-Hohl

DREW GARRISON GROWS UP – Drew doesn’t want to be a kid anymore. He wants to be tall. He wants to stay out late. One night, Drew dreams this into truth. It all seems too fun, but can he handle the responsibilities he is now faced with?

Created by Drew Garrison & Joe Murdock

ONE MINUTE MONOLOGUES – 60 performers. 60 minutes. 60 original monologues. Are we breaking a world record? Come find out.

Created by Jacquie Baker, Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

Hosted by Jacquie Baker

CLOSEFEST 2015 – What better way to close out a festival than with a festival within a festival? This show is going to be an insane blowout to send the week out with a bang, a boom, and several arrests.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

FDCW #1 (August 25 – 31, 2014)

Poster Art by Dan Corkery

Monday 8.25.14

COOKBLOCK – Join us in the kitchen for some down-home comedy and slow-roasted laughs and honey-broasted chuckles. This show’s gonna be so funny you’re gonna need to reduce to simmer. You get it. It’s a comedy cooking show.

Created & Hosted by Dan Vetrano & Elise Thomson-Hohl

UNLOCKED – Comedians collaborate onstage with musicians, artists, and friends to bring their most cringeworthy and hilarious journal entries to life.

Created & Hosted by Jacquie Baker

AFFIRMATIVE CHATTIN’ – Join us for an hour of colorful language as our diverse panel gets super controversial about some very special interests.

Created by Alejandro Morales

Hosted by Alejandro Morales & R. Eric Thomas


Tuesday 8.26.14

BONER & THE NOISE – A special live “radio show” featuring 98.6 FM The Fever’s legendary morning zoo crew Boner & the Noise, plus tons of special guests and call-ins from our “listeners” in the audience.

Created by Dan Corkery

Hosted by Dan Corkery & Frank Farrell

BLANK GAME – A game that features six of Philadelphia’s finest performers as panelists. Contestants pulled from the audience will try to match the most answers with the panel to win fantastic prizes.

Created & Hosted by Bobby Lorello

THE BIT SHOW – 15 mini-shows in 90 minutes! As the show goes on, the shows get shorter. You do not want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see shows that may never exist again.

Created & Hosted by Kate Banford & Aaron Nevins


Wednesday 8.27.14

HOW TO BE A MODEL (workshop) – Do you want to be a model? Of course you do. It’s the most rewarding job in the world. Andrew Jeffrey Wright IS a model and he wants YOU to be a model too! Learn runway his way! Learn how to pose for print and web! Bring your positive attitude and willingness to learn and get ready to transcend!

Created & Hosted by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

AUDIO TRIPPIN’ – Remember those long summer road trips you would take with your friends in high school? All you needed was a mix CD, some soda and a few of your closest friends packed into a tiny car. Come relive the only positive experience you can remember from your youth with four grown idiots that appreciate the value of a good Backstreet Boys sing-along.

Created & Hosted by Garrett Smith

THE INTERNET IS FOREVER – Tired of running from your internet past? Embrace it! Comedians and personalities dig up their most embarrassing and shameful memories that they simply can’t erase from the internet.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins

SCIENCE FAIR – Join Philadelphia’s funniest comedians as they recreate a middle school science fair. It will surely be an unparalleled display of live experimentation, wit and wisdom, and if you aren’t careful, you just might learn something.

Created by Joe Moore

Hosted by Joe Moore & Roger C. Snair


Thursday 8.28.14

FART JOKES 101 (workshop) – Farts. We’ve all smelled them. Some of us have tasted them. But a rare few us have learned the sacred (f)art of joking about them. Fart joke scholar Aaron Nevins will take you through the history of fart jokes all the way through today, and give you the tools you need to construct your own fart joke.

Created & Hosted by Aaron Nevins

COMMIT TO THE BIT – A panel show where comedians are kept in constant discomfort as they have to follow the direction of host Bobby Lorello by continuing jokes long after they are not funny.

Created & Hosted by Bobby Lorello

THE BACKFATULARETTE – A live bachelorette-style dating show with Philadelphia’s hottest young bachelors and Philadelphia’s also hottest bachelorette: Elise Thomson-Hohl. Watch love bloom onstage, while getting to choose what happens next.

Created by Elise Thomson-Hohl & Caitlin Feeney

Hosted by Caitlin Feeney

DELINQUENTS TALK BACK – A panel show featuring delinquents of Philly comedy, along with surprise special guests. Its kinda like The View but instead they talk about shit like drugs, arrests, and drug arrests.

Created & Hosted by Chris Stenta, Joe Murdock & James Mascuilli


Friday 8.29.14

HOW TO PAINT YOUR FEELINGS (workshop) – Painters will be given a handful of canvases. Then, renowned painter Jon Lalu will conduct a series of scenarios (play music, dance, act out a scene, etc.) Painters will be asked to experience and reflect by painting their feelings in reaction to what is going on around them. They may keep the paintings after the workshop.

Created & Hosted by Jon Lalu

JUSTIFY YOUR LOVE – A comedy game show where contestants defend their love of terrible songs against a panel of very judgey judges. Will their bad taste be validated or villainized? You decide.

Created & Hosted by T.J. Hurley

THE TINDER SHOW – A comedy panel show about the wonderful world of online dating. Swipe right and go on a quintuple date with your hosts and three of Philly’s funniest comics.

Created & Hosted by Max Barth & Eddie Finn

ONE MINUTE MONOLOGUES – 60 performers. 60 minutes. 60 original monologues. Are we breaking a world record? Come find out.

Created by Jacquie Baker, Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

Hosted by Jacquie Baker

THE FIVE FOR FIVE SHOW – Join hosts Matt Schmid & Jacquie Baker as they solicit total strangers from the drunken streets of Philadelphia to perform five minutes of comedy for five dollars.

Created by Matt Schmid

Hosted by Matt Schmid & Jacquie Baker

Saturday 8.30.14

ON PODCASTING (workshop) – Garrett Smith and a host of Philadelphia’s most prominent podcasters are here to help you pod your cast! Join us for an interactive workshop that will teach you the basics of creating an engaging podcast.

Created & Hosted by Garrett Smith

JOKE THE NEWS – An interactive game show in which three stand-up comedians battle to write the funniest jokes about current events, or whatever the host pulls from the day’s newspaper.

Created & Hosted by Dave Metter

FASHION SHOW – A live comedy fashion show featuring an outrageous panel of judges from the comedy world and real experts from the fashion industry. Featuring a real runway show and tons of surprises.

Created by Elise Thomson-Hohl

Hosted by Elise Thomson-Hohl & Kelsey McLaughlin

YOU-LOGIES – Dearly beloved, we gather here today in celebration of death, comedy, and panel-based games. Come to pay your respects, stay for the chance to have a comedian improvise your eulogy. If you miss this show, it’s your funeral.

Created & Hosted by Dan Vetrano, Chris McGrail & Nikki Black

WORLDWIDE COMEDY EXPLOSION – The whole world is watching. Earth’s greatest comedians compete for a chance to acheive exclusive greatness, Monster amounts of fame, and a limited edition Monster Energy Sea Doo. Hosted by Monster Energy spokespersonality/snow DJ Chason Smash.

Created & Hosted by Joe Bell

Sunday 8.31.14

EXQUISITE CORPSE (workshop) – A workshop during which the writing takes place for that night’s Exquisite Corpse Sketch Show.

Created & Hosted by Jacquie Baker

EXQUISITE CORPSE SKETCH SHOW – A group of talented sketch comedians convene and write sketches in an Exquisite Corpse fashion. A few hours later, the supergroup will perform their Frankensketches in front of a live audience – for the first (and last?) time!

Created & Hosted by Jacquie Baker

PHONE IT IN – Comedians and filmmakers from around the city screen hilarious short films shot using only their cell phones. Finally, a decent use for this otherwise worthless technology!

Created by Chris O’Connor, Dan Angelucci, Clay Hereth & Alex Grubard

Hosted by Chris O’Connor & Dan Angelucci

BATTLE OF THE BANDS / CLOSING CEREMONY – Ever wanted to see Philadelphia’s top comedians pair up with real musicians and premiere BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL SONGS back-to-back? Well, it sounds like this show was designed for you.

Created by Aaron Nevins, Kate Banford & Drew Castellano

Hosted by Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford