Let’s Start a Cult: The Quest For Jason Segel

Thursday, June 20th | 9:30 pm | $5.00

Let's Start a Cult: The Quest For Jason Segel

Have you ever felt as if your life lacks direction? Are you tired of always having to make decisions for yourself? Are you highly susceptible to persuasion? If so, comedian Ari Fishbein demands you attend his monthly sermon.

Jason Segel is filming something in Philly and Ari is going to recruit him to the Cult or die trying. This is not a joke, so please, if you know anyone who might know Jason Segel, or if you are Jason Segel, reach out to the official Cult email at thethingattheplacenocops@gmail.com and we will talk turkey.

Society is broken. Leave it behind. Let’s start a cult.

Zak Krone
Caitlin Feeney
and maybe Jason Segel!

Hosted by Ari Fishbein