Anxie-Tease: A Mental Health Burlesque

Tuesday, October 10th | 8:30 pm | $15.00

Anxie-Tease: A Mental Health Burlesque

This month on National Mental Health Awareness Day, put a positive spin on your troubled mind through dance routines and sexual awakenings! Anxie-Tease is a show that takes place inside the brain of Shelby. Watch and be amazed as the hosts of her brain, Ursula Uptight and Lucy Goosey, take Shelby on an adventure through emotions alongside all of their sexy friends to help fix her – or at least get her to leave the house!

Burlesque by:
Liberty Rose
HoneyTree EvilEye
Lulu Blue

Comedy from:
Alejandro Morales
Rose Luardo
Molly Hanulec
Sean Devaney Sullivan
Michael Kelly
Rebekah Rickards
Taylor Plunkett-Clements

Hosted by Libby Reindl & Shannon Fahey