Zodiac Killers – Libra Edition!

Sunday, September 30th | 8:00 pm | $5.00

Zodiac Killers - Libra Edition!

Zodiac Killers – the only stand-up comedy show based on the 100% true and accurate science of astrology! For perfect astrological alignment all comedians on this stand up show are Libras –¬†sensitive, deep, but mostly just funny jerks with good taste in art. The strength of the stars is with us. All signs welcome to attend.

Michelle Biloon (Comedy Central)
Erik Terrell (Gilda’s LaughFest, Glasgow International Comedy Festival)
Joe Bell (Comedy Central Instagram, CollegeHumor)
Katherine Williams (Gotham Comedy Live)
Robert Ecks (Sex With Ecks)

Hosted by Scorpio Sun Max Barth