Zodiac Killers – Aquarius Edition!

Sunday, January 27th | 8:00 pm | $5.00

Zodiac Killers - Aquarius Edition!

ZODIAC KILLERS – the only stand up show based on the 100% accurate science of astrology – returns 1/27 for a special AQUARIUS edition! Five comedians born under the 11th sign of the zodiac, the water-bearer, come bearing comedy as well. It’s a stand up showcase based on the stars, ok? Is that clear?

Chris O’Connor (Comedy Central/Sirius XM)
Tan Hoang (Bechdel Test Fest)
Joe Moore (McSweeney’s)
Dan Vetrano (Helium Comedy Club/Get Work)
Rachel Peters (Calendar Boys)

Hosted by Scorpio Sun Max Barth