Basics of Stand-Up

Sunday, January 19th | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm | $149

Basics of Stand-Up

Learn how to write and perform jokes in a supportive class setting and receive feedback from the teacher and fellow students. Through instruction and interactive activities, we’ll cover everything from how to handle yourself on stage, basic joke structure, effective editing as well as tips for putting together a cohesive, original set. This course culminates in a class show, on which each student will showcase a 5-minute set.

Tan Hoang is stand-up comedian and actor based in Philadelphia, originally from Vietnam. She got her degree in Film and Television from the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, with additional stand-up comedy training with Rick Crom and Karen Bergreen. She regularly performs at Good Good Comedy Theatre, opening for acts like Jon Daly, Whitmer Thomas and more. She was a featured performer in the Bechdel Test Fest, Blue Heaven Comedy Festival, and Good Good’s 2019 Comedy Central showcase and has been a guest on the podcast Las Culturistas.

Sundays | 1/19 – 2/23 | 2 PM to 4 PM

Class show: Sunday 3/15 at 5 PM