Shit Arcade w/ Mike Drucker (In Philly From NYC!)

Friday, January 24th | 8:00 pm | $16.00

Shit Arcade w/ Mike Drucker (In Philly From NYC!)

On Shit Arcade, comedians, Twitch streamers, and the audience play and make fun of the worst video games of all time. From Shaq-Fu to Bible Adventures to even more Shaq-Fu, get a chance to see some of the most terrible, poorly reviewed games of all time – and even get a chance to win them.

Mike Drucker is an NYC-based stand-up comedian and 5-time Emmy-nominated comedy writer. He has written for The Tonight Show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Adam Ruins Everything, Bill Nye Saves the World, The President Show, the Golden Globe Awards and more. He was also a contributing writer for Saturday Night Live and The Onion.

Christine Walden
Kyle Harris
Alex Grubard
Molly Hanulec
Zak Krone
Michael S. Watkins

Hosted by Mike Drucker