*SOLD OUT* – Good Good’s One-Year Anniversary Sampler!

Friday, October 13th | 8:30 pm | $10.00

*SOLD OUT* - Good Good's One-Year Anniversary Sampler!

We’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of Good Good Comedy Theatre the only way we know how – with an overly ambitious clusterfuck nightmare show of epic proportions!

Have you seen EVERY regular show we do here at Good Good? No?! Well, this is your chance. We’re cramming miniature versions of TWENTY-ONE of Good Good’s favorite monthly and weekly shows into 90 minutes of non-stop entertainment.

Come help us raise a glass to one full year of live, cheap, award-winning, mercilessly independent comedy.

Weeding Out The Stoned (Alex Grubard)
The Slam (Annie Paradis)
Comedian Psychoanalysis (Joe Bell & Michael S. Watkins)
Eat Your Beats (Alejandro Morales & Alyssa Al-Dookhi)
Let’s Start A Cult (Ari Fishbein)
Ur Mom Is Funny (Hannah Trav & Pete Steele)
That Just Happened (Daniel Lewis Cupps & Shane Barbera)
This Delinquent Life (Chris Stenta)
Talkmasters (Kate Banford)
Schooled (Geoff Jackson)
Feud! (Amanda Taylor & LeMaire Lee)
What’s My Line? (Dave Metter)
Good Morning, New Miami (Reem Seliem)
Make Up Or Break Up (John Deary & Alyssa Al-Dookhi)
Sex with Ecks (Robert Ecks)
Oral Presentations (Chris Wood)
Dungeon Palz (Matt Aukamp)
Get Work (Dan Vetrano)
Phone It In (Tyler Horst)
Excuse My Dust (Jaime Fountaine)

Hosted by Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford

$5 tickets are available for comedians & students by using the discount code COMEDIAN at checkout.

Sold Out