Q&A with Michael S. Watkins

Philly comedy staple Michael S. Watkins will be performing an hour of standup comedy TONIGHT at 10 PM at Good Good Comedy Theatre. Michael is the host of the hilarious monthly talk show Did You Bring A Clip? and an incredibly talented stand-up comic. We asked him a few questions.

Why are you doing an hour? Who does that?!

I actually had 2 hours prepared. One for each election outcome. If Hillary won, I had an hour for that, and if Jill Stein won, yea I had an hour for that.

Before we tell Michael what happened that Tuesday let’s take a look at a few of his meta-normal tweets.

Any reason for the “S.” as your middle initial? Does your comedy pull any influence from Hunter S. Thompson, David S. Goyer, or even Harry S. Truman?

I always thought the middle initial made me sound more distinguished. Like Michael J. Fox. Or Chuck E. Cheese. The truth is, it stands for Steven…Michael Steven Urkel Watkins

Get tickets here to see Michael S. Watkins do his hour TONIGHT (Sunday, November 20th) at 10 PM at Good Good Comedy Theatre (215 N. 11th St in Chinatown)!