Parole Board (FDCW)

Saturday, November 16th | 11:30 pm | $5.00

Parole Board (FDCW)

All the Five Dollar Comedy Week showrunners have been sent to a for-profit prison for a litany of crimes. This is their one chance to stand before a jury of their peers and defend their actions from this week. Find out who walks free and who gets locked up for life.

Kara Sankus
Molly Hanulec
Gab Landrum
Kyle Harris
Greer Cohen
John Riggi
Hannah Kaplan
Geoff Jackson
Max Barth
Alex Yang
Jillian O’Connell
Shaylin O’Connell
Pete Steele
Oliver De Luz
Christine Walden
Rose Luardo
Sarah Knittel
Ari Fishbein
Joe Bell
Michael S. Watkins
Caitlin Feeney
Cassandra Dee
Jillian Markowitz
Dan Vetrano

Hosted by Aaron Nevins

Part of Five Dollar Comedy Week (November 10th – 16th)