No Thanks! (Comedy Open Mic)

Thursday, December 5th | 8:00 pm | $5.00

No Thanks! (Comedy Open Mic)

Good Good’s monthly evening of open mic madness so good it’ll have you shoutin’ “no, thank you!” On the first Thursday of every month, try out your tightest five, latest character, newest song, or most upsetting TikTok in front of a real, live audience. Sign up ahead of time or try your luck at a coveted lottery slot. Or just watch!

Hosted by Betty Mattei

FREE for performers! Only $5 for non-performers!

How To Sign Up
No Thanks! has 20 five-minute performer slots – 15 pre-booked, 5 drawn randomly from the bucket. Here’s how you can land a spot on the line-up:

1) Send an email to with your name and feel free to throw in a bio and/or example of any of your work (if it’s your first time, let us know!).

2) We’ll notify 15 pre-booked performers via email – one week before the show.

3) 5 random performers will be selected from a bucket at the live show. Throw your name in and bada-bing-bada-boom.