Let’s Eat Cake: Peggy O’Leary Birthday Show

Saturday, November 11th | 11:30 pm | $5.00

Let's Eat Cake: Peggy O'Leary Birthday Show

Come celebrate Peggy’s Bday because why the hell not! She just moved back to Delco and it’s kinda depressing so get drunk with her and eat some cake! She’s bringing her favorite comedians from NYC & Philly and she’s gonna read them their horoscope because no one asked her to!

Hosted by
Lindsay Boling (Rooftop Comedy, Scorpio)
Peggy O’Leary (JFL Montreal, Scorpio)

Mary Radzinski (truTV, Capricorn)
Zach Swan (Power Hour Comedy, Leo)
Ryan Shaner (Phillys Phunniest, Libra)