*SOLD OUT* Game Boy (FDCW)

Friday, November 15th | 10:00 pm | $5.00

*SOLD OUT* Game Boy (FDCW)

Game Boy is a first-of-its-kind comedy show…inside of a video game…inside of a comedy show. Ari Fishbein is an amateur game designer and extremely professional comedian. Donning a virtual reality helmet, Ari will lead you through the cyber realm he’s created at the expense of his sanity, as his friends try to rescue him and bring him back to the real world.

Ari Fishbein
Caitlin Feeney
Kyle Harris
Rose Luardo
Julia Celley
Shannon Fahey
Gab Landrum
Michael S. Watkins
Joe Bell

Hosted by Ari Fishbein

Part of Five Dollar Comedy Week (November 10th – 16th)

Sold Out