Our Celebrity Guest: David Commins & Rachel Pfeffer

Sunday, June 16th | 7:00 pm | $5.00

Our Celebrity Guest: David Commins & Rachel Pfeffer

Philly’s premier late night talk show. Each month, Chris Berg and Christopher Esperance invite a real local celebrity to explore their lives — past, present, and future! Hidden secrets will be revealed as special guest characters crash the show to confront our celeb and hosts…and maybe teach us all a thing or two.

This month: David Commins and Rachel Pfeffer, co-owners of the weekly publication of The Philadelphia Secret Admirer! Delivered to over 200 locations across various neighborhoods of Philadelphia! The first issue hit shelves April 23, 2013. The Secret Admirer exists to alleviate boredom and heartache in Philadelphia. The paper features fun facts, artsy writing, a crossword puzzle, horoscopes, advice, trivia, missed connections, and ‘overheard in Philly.’ All back issues are available at philadelphia-secret-admirer.tumblr.com.

Rachel Pfeffer is a 241-year-old vampire and creative visionary. She drinks a lot of seltzer, hates being touched by strangers, and knows things about screen printing. Rachel loves the number 22 and spends about 50% of her life wearing a bathrobe. She appeared as a hologram in 2017 to art direct the Secret Admirer.

David Commins was born in the frosty peaks of New England, where he came of age in an idyllic bubble of beautiful and infinite nature. He spent his formative years drawing big titty anime ladies and touching himself in the shower. He dropped out of school after taking mushrooms and listening to Bjork one time and roamed the land on freight trains for awhile. He fell in love with a gal in the west and decided to start making a weekly periodical so that he could live with her and make money with his stories. She died of an aneurism and then he
wandered around some more, and opted to go ahead and make the periodical instead of killing himself. He’s run The Secret Admirer for around a decade now. And the rest is history!

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