Q&A: Brandon Vincent Jackson

Brandon Vincent Jackson teaches English as a Second Language by day and performs stand-up comedy by night. In his upcoming Communication Through Comedy class he’ll help students master their ability to express themselves on stage using the principles of linguistics. Over a phone call one Sunday morning he talked with me, ever so eloquently, about […]

Q&A: Darlings’ Caitlin Feeney

On stage, Caitlin Feeney fearlessly interacts with audiences in her sketches, stand-up and her human resources-themed comedy show Sensitivity Training. Her comedy is often poignant, completely silly and embedded with a sense of empathy, which, she says, is one of her “top 5 traits.” We met up at Philadelphia’s City Hall to chat about period […]

Q&A: Aaron Nevins

There are few people in Philadelphia as qualified to teach a class on producing a comedy show as Aaron Nevins. As the co-founder of Good Good Comedy Theatre and Five Dollar Comedy Week, he’s been involved in, he estimates, thousands of comedy shows. And he’s produced his own shows, too, including Hang On, a talk […]