Leeper, Watkins, Luardo & Nevins on Good Good’s One Year Anniversary

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Good Good Comedy Theatre is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a massive clusterfuck of a show TONIGHT (Friday, October 13th) at 8:30 PM called Good Good’s One-Year Anniversary Sampler. Tickets are almost sold out! Grab yours before they’re gone.

We’ve asked one final set of four Good Good showrunners and frequent performers to tell us about the funniest, weirdest, and dumbest stuff they’ve seen during our first year of over 800 shows – from the stage and from the audience.

Mekki Leeper
(Focus Group, The Dance)

Kate and Aaron are doing such incredible work at Good Good. They book shows there so well that you could reliably predict which New York comedians are about to break by looking at the Good Good calendar. If you’re a fan of comedy, going to that theater is the absolute best way to see some of the funniest people in the country and you don’t have to leave Philly.

If you’re a comedian, there truly isn’t a better place to develop shows and build a cool audience than Good Good. I saw Julio Torres do a half hour there (complete with diamonds) the same week he got hired at SNL. It was incredible. I caught John Reynolds & Matt Barats’ play Sadie Hawkins Day at Good Good and it’s one of my favorite pieces of live comedy maybe…ever. I watched Sam Tallent throw a knife into the stage about 15 times while he was headlining the theater, and laughed until I was just clapping and yelling.

Julio Torres reads from Melania Trump’s diary at one of two sold-out shows.

All of my favorite shows I’ve ever done are have been at Good Good. Doing Focus Group with Joe Bell was nuts. We got banned from Twitter, made my ex-girlfriend furious at me, and put a $50 bottle of Mountain Dew onto a restaurant’s online menu. They also let me do an hour, which was incredibly kind of them and is a really special opportunity. I know comics who have been doing it longer and could do an hour too, but never had people as invested and thoughtful as Kate and Aaron. Those two care so much about developing comedians and I have them to thank for giving me such a perfect start in comedy.

Mekki Leeper and Joe Bell break down the demographics of Werther’s Originals on Focus Group.

— —

Rose Luardo
(The New Dreamz, Darlings)

What was I doing before I was doing making, creating, writing and performing with this gaggle of rascals? Good Good Comedy Theatre is a life-giving community and now I’m gonna rap at ya with an overview of thing my eyes saw this past year:

My talented friends invented a comedy situation in Philadelphia and on the opening night of Good Good my performance partner Andrew and I did a bit where I tried to murder him with a bloody maxi-pad? That was cool. It’s really satisfying to perform in bloody underwear and wielding a giant maxi pad as a weapon.

There was the time Andrew wrote all those plays and called it Andrew Jeffrey Playwright. Boy did we get a good look into his brain.

How about the time Kate Banford put burgers on her face at Darlings or the time Hillary Rea made veggie chicken nuggets for the entire Today I Learned audience.

Kate Banford has a relaxing day at the spa on Darlings.

Or the time Aaron Nevins did this high-concept performance art piece at Frog Night that involved toilet paper and the manipulation of one man who still doesn’t know what happened on stage.

I loved seeing Rebekah Rickards a.k.a. Sister Prophet Halleh Lujah execute a perfect on Eat Your Beats.

The shows Wonderful News and Dare to Dream // Dare to Cream were so funny I found myself laughing days after seeing them.

Ana Fabrega, Patti Harrison, Amy Zimmer & Lorelei Ramirez on the sold-out premiere of Wonderful News.

All this shit happened! I’m not hallucinating. This life is hotter then Vin Diesel. Ya’heard!!

— —

Michael S. Watkins
(Comedian Psychoanalysis, Darlings)

One of the absolute craziest/funniest things i saw this year was during Get In. A performance artist handcuffed herself to an audience member and then John McKeever and Tim Butterly called the dude’s mom and told her that her son was covered in cum and it was emergency. As I’m writing this, I realize this sounds mean, but it was definitely in good fun.

John McKeever calls an audience member’s mother while the audience member is literally handcuffed to performance artist Beth Heinly.

The out of town shows are always awesome. Cartoon Monsoon, Postmen and Wham City were some of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

As far as shows I am on, Darlings is my favorite. On our most recent show, I did the whole thing as Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue and I tried to “rescue” the show. I rebranded it to something real lame and installed a bar right on the stage.

Jon Taffer (Michael S. Watkins) threatens to shut the show down on Darlings.

— —

Aaron Nevins
(Co-Founder, Good Good Comedy Theatre)

Good Good has put up over 800 shows in the past year. I have personally seen nearly 700 of these. The fact that, even after all that, watching live comedy doesn’t make me spray diarrhea out of my eyeballs – it’s a testament to this comedy golden age we’re living in.

How the hell am I going to unpack all of this?

Just one year in, Good Good has been lucky enough to host several people who I consider bona fide comedy legends. I’m talking Jonathan Katz – TV’s Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist – absolutely destroying on our show Joke Bath. And Dino Stamatopoulos, making a trip to Good Good to perform 12 secular Christmas songs that were as hilarious as they were genuinely poignant and moving. I even got to have Casper Kelly (the brains behind one of the most captivating pieces of television of the decade – Too Many Cooks) as a guest on my show Hang On.

Comedy legend Jonathan Katz (Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist) performs on Joke Bath.

Lee Minora did an amazing three-night run of her fantastic show Cheeks – one of the best one-person shows I’ve seen. On night three, we were unexpectedly visited by none other than Maria Bamford, a hero to us all, who watched the show and loved it so much she tweeted as much right afterward. That was a real honor.

Lee Minora channels Lady Elizabeth Edwards in her show Cheeks.

We found so many kindred spirits from across the country this year, so many of whom love the same kind of offbeat, high-concept comedy we love. Kyle Ayers’ shows Boast Rattle and First Comes Love spring to mind immediately. These shows blurred the line between comedy show and really great party.

The popular NYC show Boast Rattle makes its stellar debut at Good Good.

Any time we got to do stuff with our friends the Postmen (Carmen Christopher, Anthony Oberbeck, Matt Barats) was a total delight, and the opportunities were numerous. We also got to put up Matt Barats’ first solo show Bits With Barats, which, for my money, may have been the best overall show I saw all year.

And it’d be stupid not to mention all the performers I got to see at Good Good this year who scrambled my brain with their talent and creativity: SNL’s Anna Drezen, Whitmer Thomas of Power Violence, Cole Escola, Sam Tallent, Jo Firestone, Dan Licata, Charles Gould, Ike Ufomadu, Brett Davis, Patti Harrison (whose “Sweet Potato” song runs on a loop inside my head now), Joe Pera (I hope the entire world gets a chance to hear him say “cubes for my boys”) and too many others to name.

Ike Ufomadu opens up the show on Ike Night Classic.

Five Dollar Comedy Week is the scrappy little independent festival that started this whole thing. We managed to cram in TWO Five Dollar Comedy Weeks this year. And yes, we still hide some of the shiniest gems in the “secret show” portion of FDCW. This year gave us The Knock-Office, a rip-off of The Office so absolutely perfect and hilarious, you would never know it was hastily thrown together that day.

All of your favorite characters like Dwight Shoe and Parm Beesly appear on The Knock-Office.

Guys, I made this too long. There’s still so much I didn’t get to mention. Teen Beat. Pickup Artists. Sadulous. Cartoon Monsoon. Ryan Shaner & Chris O’Connor getting colonics on Today I Learned. Focus Group taking on Werther’s Originals. Let’s Start A Cult’s t-shirt ads. Found Footage Festival. Wham City. That time Rich Vos showed up on Get In and it was a whole thing and I probably shouldn’t even bring that one up but man that was weird.

We’re about to embark on another year of non-stop comedy, and I still look forward to it every bit as much as I did as a teenager, back when squeezing into a tiny black box theater to watch weird, experimental live comedy was a rare treat. Now I’m lucky enough to call it my job.

— —

Seriously, there are like 5 tickets left. Don’t miss out on Good Good’s One-Year Anniversary Sampler – tonight at 8:30! 21 of our favorite regular shows jammed into 90 minutes.