’90s @ Nite

Thursday, April 18th | 8:00 pm | $5.00

'90s @ Nite

Join LL Cool Jeans in the year 1999 as he invites your favorite personalities to join in on night of web surfing, cigarette smoking, and misadventure! Sidekick Sega Genesis will also provide FREE BEER to all the attendees! (There’s always a chance for surprise guests, it’s the 90s’ baby).

90s at Nite holds an open audition every year, mid-season, to hopefully replace LL Cool Jeans. We want to be transparent and welcome you to watch as your favorite 90s characters attempt to take the treasured HOST SPOT.

Julia Celley
Ari Fishbein
Caitlin Feeney
Robert Ecks
Andrew Shearer
Wilfredo J Diaz
Zak Krone
Joe Bell
Eric Yates

Hosted by Kyle Harris