Wonderful News – In Philly From NYC!

Saturday, August 5th | 8:30 pm | $10.00

Wonderful News - In Philly From NYC!

In Philly from NYC! It’s Wonderful News – comedy show and renowned international gala.

For one night, these four loyal and nearly underage women from NYC share a soul-stirring bond, and an unimaginable secret.

A mixture of standup, sketches, songs, surveys, shows-of-hands, W-9s, nickname generators, lies, etc, Wonderful News promises a truly unique comedy experience, designed to inspire, enlight, uplift, tighten, downshift, deflate, disorient, terrify, and ultimately, maim its audience.

Ana Fabrega (Portlandia)
Lorelei Ramirez (VICE)
Patti Harrison (Comedy Central)
Amy Zimmer (The New Yorker)