The Slam – The Slampionship

Friday, June 2nd | 8:00 pm | $10.00

The Slam - The Slampionship

This is the one-year anniversary of ‘The Slam’! In honor of this momentous occasion, we have gathered all 12 winners of the past 12 slams to compete in the ‘SlamPIONSHIP’. Who will be crowned the slam champion?

Feelings. We all have them. Heck, sometimes we project them onto cool dogs or our mom’s new boyfriend Steve! We’ve brought together one real life poet and six real life comedians to give you all a real life poetry slam. THE SLAM needs you to come and judge the vulnerability of these comedians’ feelings!

With Special Guest Poet Judges:
Annaliese Downey
Mo Miller
Keith O’Shaugnessy

Rose Lurado
Derrick Houck
Rob O’Neill
Dan Vetrano
Marcely Jean-Pierre
Hasreet Gill
Emily Kinslow
Jon Plester
Caitlin Weigel
Aaron Nevins
Chris Berg
Matthew Schmid

Hosted by Annie Paradis