That Just Happened

Wednesday, April 19th | 8:30 pm | $5.00

That Just Happened

That Just Happened is a live aftershow not unlike The Talking Dead, except for the fact that The Talking Dead is only about one show…that actually exists. Every episode, we celebrate our favorite shows we’ve never seen.

This month: The US had Dawson’s Creek, Canada had Degrassi, but who can forget the poignant teen drama of the early 2000s, produced in Utah but aired on the obscure foreign public access channel ABC (Albanian Broadcasting Company). That’s right folks, this month’s That Just Happened is covering “Cape Connor”, about a down to earth kid with a lotta heart, but a little penis. Join our panel of characters as they discuss the season finale they’ve never seen!

Caitlyn Augustyn
Amanda Taylor
Rachel Peters

Also featuring content starring Brendan Krick!

Hosted by Daniel Lewis Cupps