Best Show in Town

Thursday, November 2nd | 8:30 pm | $5.00

Best Show in Town
You’re cordially invited to visit the fictional New England town of Watunuck and sample the local flavor at their monthly comedy show!
This is our PENULTIMATE show and it’s going to be crazier than ever. Town Villain and overall bitch Joanne Dunlop has returned and no one is going to let her get away with her crimes. Also, as always, there will be FREE BEER for the OFFICIAL TOWN DRINKING GAME. Don’t miss out on the BEST SHOW IN TOWN!
Ari Fishbein
Julia Celley
Ben Wasserman
Plus special appearances by:
Jordan Hanchulak
Michael Kelly
Alejandro Morales
Amanda Taylor
Joe Messina
Max Barth
Zak Krone
Hosted by: Margaux Stone-Lopez (Hannah Trav)