November Comedy Guide

Only children play by different rules. Temper tantrums, sound effects, and lots and lots of eye contact. Dave will start the show as an only child, and he will tear through the audience looking for his perfect sibling. He will not share them. Starring Dave Johnson (Berserker Residents). Directed by Bradley Wrenn. Every Friday night […]

October Comedy Guide

This month’s artwork by Andrew Shearer Every Friday night at midnight, a collective of Philadelphia’s most bizarrely fascinating comedic minds brings you a brand new, fast-paced comedy show featuring live music and special guests! Just five bucks a pop and each week’s show is a completely different experience. Not to be missed. This month on National Mental Health […]

August Comedy Guide

This month’s artwork by Maddie Mclennon For one night only, these four loyal and nearly underage women from NYC share a soul-stirring bond, and an unimaginable secret. Wonderful News promises a truly unique comedy experience, designed to inspire, enlight, uplift, tighten, downshift, deflate, disorient, terrify, and ultimately, maim its audience. Featuring Ana Fabrega (Portlandia), Lorelei Ramirez (VICE), Patti Harrison (Seriously TV) […]